Katie Fitzgerald, Feeding America, Executive Vice President And Chief Operating Officer discussed on South Florida's First News with Jimmy Cefalo


Through this program, so actually are and all together we we work in Accord in coordinated Way to meet the needs of American families. One last question for you. What do you anticipating moving into the new year? Are you still thinking there's gonna be a heightened need across the country at least for the first part of 2021? You know, way have been anticipating a heightened level of need and an actual decreases supply. So our concern prior to the passage of this most recently passed legislation. Congress is that we were anticipating about a 50% decline in the federal food that the U. S government puts into our charitable food system. We have seen some good movement in this most recent legislation that's going to Help with that. But we really look at that. Is it down? Okay, Nous. It's not going to meet all the supply needs that we have and then all the demand that is present and so it's going to take some time. When the 2000 and eight recession occurred. It took 10 years for food security levels to get back to pre recession levels. So we know that this is a marathon and not a sprint and that families have been hurting for months and have depleted their savings or wrapped up credit card debt and have, you know, done everything they can to Keep their homes and keep things going, But it's going to take families many months to get back on their feet, and you know we're going to be there for them every step of the way, so we're committed to that marathon ahead. Well, the work that you're doing is just tremendous. It's so important right now, and everyone could support the organization by going to feeding America dot or g'kar again. Feeding America dot org's is the website where you can find out more. Katie Fitzgerald, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Feeding America, Katie, Thanks Once again for the time. We really appreciate it. You bet..

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