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We're not my passion in life. So i just always loved not glamour. I didn't love glamour. But i just loved ways to better yourself whether it's through diet even back then or certainly with makeup but i used to watch my mom and it was the seventies and so my mother was twenty when i was born so when i she was always twenty years older than me so when i was ten she was thirty and still incredibly glamorous and she pretty much channeled anyone from share to jackie kennedy and she just always had this amazing beauty and perfection about her. I could never compete with that. So i never tried. I always felt so silly when i would do my makeup like she did. So i did it my way into bobby. I don't wanna be pandering. I have been accused at the certainly in the early years of this podcast for funding for my guests. But i do have to say you really beautiful. I don't you come know this like zero and that you thought you be pr. You're really a beautiful woman wear. That's coming from well. Thank you but you know i'm realistic. And i kind of have a sense of humor about it and coming from the suburbs of chicago. I wasn't like my friends that were the cheerleaders wasn't like my friends. That were the student council. I i was in the popular group. But i couldn't really figure out where i belonged. I was kind of and i still. I am chameleon. I would go with one group and i'd fit in then i'd go with another group and you know i've always been a sponge which has served me well in my adult life. But when you're growing up you get insecure and you know i was the shortest one. I've always had a watch every morsel in my mouth. Or i could definitely be you know a very heavy girl at five foot tall. So we are contemporaries we. We grew up at exactly the same time. Our mothers are also twenty years older than both of us. So i have to ask. Was there ever a time when you were green eye shadow. I never wore green show. But i did wear lavender and a little bit of pale blue because i remember on the bus. I would bring this yardley pallet. I had and just put a very small amount close to my lashes. I guess my mother didn't want me to wear makeup at school. So i did it on the bus. I also was not allowed to wear makeup. But i was so desperate. I also brought makeup and nail polish to school and put on the nail polish in the morning and took it off. Before i went home but i were read so it was really hard. Cuticle how did you wear your hair back in the seventies. Oh i have been wearing my hair. The exact same way parted in the middle dark long and whether that's alley mcgraw alley. I still do that. You know people always say where you part your hair. I'm like in the middle and my hair which looked stark. Now is actually a one hundred percent white. I always thought when. I may be turned sixty now that i'm sixty four. I'm like seventy..

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