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So you gotta get your hands off to there. But as far the Brian James, I do agree. A both of you. He understands the business the basketball the Brun while playing gets it when Michael was playing basketball, Michael focused on basketball. And that's a big beef that a lot of people have with the Brian James of because of that LeBron James is going to be. Competent as an owner. I don't think there's a question. I mean, I don't necessarily wanna Rendell contracts, but tyrus Thomas land Stevenson, Nicolas. Batum their number of contracts that they can't get off in their stuck. And now they're in a dilemma where what's going on with Kimba Walker there? So if you look at this, it's not going to be close. And we just say that LeBron are you going to be better than the twenty eighth? Most valuable franchise in in the NBA. I don't think there's five or six years. Lebron was just just acquiring tarheels member. Like, it's like anyone who played in North Carolina. Listen, LeBron's Jordan said LeBron that Georgia Georgia just like if you played for North Carolina, come on lay the The grant. grant college stars to go to clutch sports, even as we just saw obviously the Duke game. And we see he had big three's. Come to Miami, come to Cleveland. But my question is if he is an owner, what franchise would you want to see him on? Well, here's the thing. Let's also pay attention to the market. Even though you've got some cost certainty in terms of a floor to which you're you have to start spending dollars or what have you particularly league with revenue sharing? The reality. Is that a lot depends on the market. I think LeBron James would be able to do a lot for a lot of players in a big market. I think that Jordan and the Jordan brand would have been able to do a lot a lot more in a big market when you're in a smaller market like Charlotte. You've got to be a bit judicious. Even now that why he can't get good players know chemists think that's a huge. That's a huge component in all of it. Because again, you're talking about listen, do you understand that some owners make a lot of their money back just on television deal that they're able to talk about local television not talking about the national deals with the NBA with the league. Talking about local television contracts. These are the kind of things that you have to play attention to also Mike, Michael, Jordan. Listen I held against him when he drafted Kwame Brown when he was in Washington. But there was a lot going on with the watch tin with it in a polling, God rest, his soul, and all that other stuff that people didn't realize now, you're in Charlotte. You're taking over for Bob Johnson because Bob Johnson's originally owned his federal you gotta work, and then not only that with the advent of social media and beyond power that LeBron James has LeBron James could afford to flex his muscle Nigel Jorda had to be a bit more diplomatic in certain respects..

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