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Here's the thing you've got to remember i've been an athlete my entire career alive i see there was have been in the shower with him okay number one number two if we have hundreds of people on a flight versus one guy that doesn't have a weapon ally are out of fear for my life june so on the television show you and i went back and forth about coop leonard's marketability and what he makes and what he should make from us that your company now you have a point there are players in the nba there are much much much less effective at playing basketball than kawhi leonard that also are less marketable and leszno nick weather that make more money but let's not count everybody else's money because those it is bad deals from sneaker companies you have to understand my point that kawhi leonard it's different trying to win a championship the trying to sell clothing because in clothing there's this intangible cool factor that colli leonard just doesn't have that helps himself sneakers is that fair that is unfair because you're you're trying to underplay his value by saying the people who already have really good contracts is because they were poorly done that's what i'm saying what were you don't understand is that's what creates a market david you go in with a contract of a player that you feel like you should be getting what they're getting if not more of course how a marketing setzer okay so if you're isaiah thomas is asia and you walk in this this offseason you say well alan crab is making twenty five million dollars so isaiah thomas needs thirty.

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