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Loosened restrictions, holiday weekend to test California


President it's very low trump with opened a side his of Memorial mask as Day many weekend of California's with something he wineries hasn't done in await a while state approval Gulf's to reopen their tasting rooms for the customers trip Saturday to trump national customers golf club is in taking northern its Virginia toll says Dr is the president's new ones first Carol to reed one of his private we cannot golf properties that cannot since wait to early welcome March everyone back that trip to his club these in wines west can Palm drink Beach themselves Florida came how do several you ship with days the math before you're he welcome declared to take a national those off emergency once over you the corona once you're seated virus at pandemic the table which is XPW the president has been pushing him states over Copeland to fully wineries re opened and business CEO is an Corey outdoor venues back we want after you they to were feel close safer to help here slow the virus's than you spread do going Friday to Safeway he declared right places and if of we worship can do essential that we've until governors done our job they most should tasting allow them rooms to don't re open open until the phase U. S. three leads of the the plan world with I'm one Julie point Walker six million confirmed covert nineteen cases according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University more than ninety six thousand Americans have died from infections Ben Thomas Washington

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Loosened restrictions, holiday weekend to test California

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