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#460 - Ken Shamrock vs. David Smalley



David C smalley and support the things that I'm doing And there are a lot of good podcasters out there a lot that you could choose from and I'm GonNa give you one right now that you should probably go listen to and I don't do that very often but I was just a guest on a podcast. And it was a blast. It was a lot of fun and I'm going to tell you the title. It's not what you think when you hear the title. It's not what you're thinking. I haven't suddenly changed John Lewis. The podcast is called suck it with cat and Derek? That's cat with a K. Suck with cat in Derek. It's really a focus on mental health and also comedy. So that tells you anything about the ECLECTIC ideas that they're bringing to the table. It was a blast. I originally wanted an hour. We ended up talking for two. They broken into two episodes Shocker right people who listen to my show wait. What what do you mean you did a long episodes somewhere? Yeah that's how I roll go to any PODCAST APP type in suck it with cat and Derek and you can hear the latest episode that I just did with them and also I wanna take a moment to send a huge thank you to the scientists to the medical professionals out there fighting this virus I can't do a flyover. I think that's a waste of money anyway. To be honest with you shared a video my twitter of a doctor sort of going off. And he's like it's four hundred and fifty thousand dollars every time you do a fly over with one jet if you do too. That's nine hundred thousand dollars about you. Send some working masks if you appreciate what we're doing if you know my twitter go there. David C SMALLEY SHARE. That guy's message. It's very important Because he makes the comment that you know essentially seems like you're just trying to make the president look good about we put that money to good use and and support the medical professionals in a real way as opposed to this self loving. Look how fancy I am kind of way. So thank you if you're a medical professional out there if you're someone helping fighting this if you're an essential worker working in food. I know you hear that your friends are making more money on unemployment while you're working your ass off and making less than they are and here you are putting yourself at risk. We Love You. We need you. Thank you for what you're doing. And let's keep voting for politicians who are going GONNA put higher pay structure in place. Let's do what we can to fix the problem but thank you for showing up to work every day. I haven't told you about this and a couple of weeks but I want to remind you of the importance of slug dot com slash David C smalley. Yeah we go to Patriot. We have our own internal dialogue. I love that but it slugged dot com. You can go there especially Slash David. See Small you go there you sign up you join mind so that they know that's how you got there that helps by the way but you go there and you can join up with lots of people that you disagree with. Jordan Peterson has a page there. Ben Shapiro has page there Joe Rogan has a page there. Sign up go to mind. Tell them that you love me. Follow Mine and then go fight people in those other ones slug it out respectfully peacefully. It is a hallmark of free speech. Go there and have your own dogma debates with people that you.

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