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You and your money is talks to a cold and what once again to investors at John Gary Kaltbaum your host a thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening to this Tuesday may fifth two thousand and twenty and we're here to talk about something we haven't been able to talk about in quite awhile on the show we're gonna be doing that for you because today for really the first time because as you know we are the greatest technicians on our for the first time we're seeing some success on some things breaking out of range and reacting well to earnings I'm looking to report that all to you on today's show we hope you're listening because we mean business now let's be clear about a few things as we talk markets first it remains the most news driven environment F. R. F. R. and when I say ever by far I remember nine eleven that was very news driven for about ten days I remember everybody worried about the next terror attack now we're in the midst of a brutal bear market back then but we came back drop more rallied up and we went through the whole bear market into two thousand and three but now we are constantly barraged with death and the numbers on death and peak numbers and which city or county or state is opening up and what does it mean to you and what industry is doing what and when and how and why and ten they your camp they and then of course how's the market going to react to all that it is never been like this before but as we tell you hear on the show when all is said and done and I want you to listen carefully this is the most important thing we can tell you as the greatest technicians on earth when all is said and done the market closes I put my charts up I screen two hundred sectors a bunch of countries a bunch of commodities and in the neighborhood of fifteen hundred box and then when I'm done with that and making less I tighten up the list and then I observe and look over those last and it's by the weight of the evidence that gives me an idea about market now there are moments in time in markets we had a day here in the market with the Dow went up nine hundred points in the last fifteen minutes of the day number that day sorry no technician couldn't tell you that we've got gaps to the upside fifteen hundred points Downton gaps that account downside a thousand points no technician can tell you that so freakin guesswork but what can great technicians do what's leading what's landing what's in a bear market what's in a bull market where's the big strength versus the just strength are things bottoming are things popping is there a big group move or is it just one name in the sector like today you have a big group move in the market today today you have a couple names breaking out strongly in a group today with others showing up on the screen today the new high list the new yearly high last is expanding for the first time with some of these names today an observant great technician can tell you that so we hope you are listening because today is the first day I can see you and we've rallied off the lows but today is the first thing I can say the oldest one profound arranging it's successful so far when here's another one and another one that has a few setting up and here's a couple that reacted really well earnings and it gone straight up first time I'll be able to do that what else can a great technician tell you any further decent market doesn't even have to be outstandingly strong typically typically the first name to react well to earnings during this time and the first names to break out successfully at this time will tend to lead in a continuing decent market business so you have to be strong I have made good money in the past when the market did nothing for five months market just back in fill back and fill up and down no place but certain sectors busted out because whatever reason and we may be in one of those markets right now because I got news for you eighty to ninety percent of this market is coming off the lows I'll grant that vast but still dead versus some of these things that are breaking out to new heights so we're able to concentrate on the narrowness and keep our fingers crossed we work and if the market can really get going that's even better and notice your number one question we get how's the market going up at all this crap going on simple buyers are bidding up and a stronger than any selling that's what's been going on off the low what are the market saying I don't know better days ahead central bank run amok who's all but said he's buying up all the friggin markets so all we can do at this point in time is keep our eyes open and note these things as they happen this site whether we want to deal with them or not knowing the conditions we are in and and close our eyes hold our nose and pray okay I've tried that it doesn't work but good solid analysis and if you're right let him run if you're wrong take small losses simple as that so we're gonna go through that during the show today and much more including political Jack **** is some we've laid off the political stuff as of recent because we've had a lot more to worry about but you know it's may and you know we have an election and you know both sides of the aisle are lying out there arses each and every one of you to get your votes you do know that right they are making crap up like I've never seen before both sides of the aisle one is worse than the other and one is no better than the other so we're going to basically because as you know my model I hate them all I know I'm doing my job when I get hate mail from the trump stirs and hate mail from the roof the left because we only speak truth here we have no gender no biased alter your motive we just want good logic out of the people running the country and it be a lot allowing going on you know the accused trump of lying all the time and we've called them on the carpet dozens I got news for you the left and got nothing on him they just assume tell your money out when it's raining and.

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