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Do against the. W that is. Courtesy of steve finney on twitter and degrade richard marx. And i'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host mr miles an honorable wonderful livestream show. You'll have time to catch it. You can go to moment. House dot com slash the daily zeitgeist. But just no let me pitch a one more time would doing our live. Show so please come through. It's not as good because we're all along we practice in rhode please own. I'm stream in straight from moment house to you. Christiane king main were hanging by a moment for life house. You know what i mean and yeah. The live show was super fun. Very weird to not. Have the live audience feedback. We got into it and also on things who can't be audibly entertained by what's happening we just. I mean it was like a podcast. Essentially no one hundred percent And it was super fun. Yeah go go check out the video on demand if you wanna see If you're fans first of all crofton was in full crofton. Oh yeah if you wanna see miles wearing like one of the finest suits of the of the year two thousand and if my richer sue oh my god if you dress like the biggest douchebag from that year complete with assault patch which i have now shaved off. Oh coward i now. You can still watch the video on demand at moment. House dot com slash the daily zeitgeist. But thanks for everybody. The turn out was great. The comment section was on fire. It was so fun. Thanks everybody who can and can't wait to do a real. You know for human version at to wait one two miles. We are thrilled to be joined in our third. Cpi a truly hilarious comedian actress and writer whose new special on comedy central whiskey fists is an absolute must watch. It's just really fucking funny. Written for that dan michael shea on hbo max and the comedy central roast of alec baldwin. Which i got to see him person. And it was like the best ro- roast i've ever witnessed on. It was like unedited. So i don't know if the unedited -ness of it makes that harder barred clear or not because i got to see all the dead air all the awkwardness in-between jokes. But it was still so good and she's appeared on. Pause was sam. J comedy central. Stand up a bill. Burs the ringers. You consider soon at the bell house in brooklyn and you can hear her on her own. Podcast find your beach please. Welcome the hilarious untalented rosebud baker How well thank you guys. Thank you i just want to first of all. I applaud the energy with which you came into this podcast today. Both we come flying started coming on ten as my broccoli throws said i loved. I loved it. I was like oh god i got. I got to turn it up for these singing. Psalms holy shit. Yeah yeah no thank you. Thank you so much for that intro. It's good to be here. Thanks for having mates grew to have you. Where are you in the country. I am in new york. Oh come on new york. I know this does not look like new york city apartment. I just moved to just leveled up my friend. And yeah i yeah i mean it's it looks bigger in the zim than it actually is but you know i shouldn't have said that i should just let you believe really how it looks on. The zoom is all that matters right. We're just living for the zoom truly at this point this is gonna be human-to-human contact in about a year right after going favorite is when he gets to the room ready for the zone but it's everything below the camera line that's like oh my gosh boxes. Shit like willow the camera the frame. Yeah what like whoa. What's in front of me is actually because i just moved. What's in front of me. Looks like the set to a very bare bones. Play you know. It's a table and chairs and railroads not just like paintings piled up in the ba- i it's not good. This side of my apartment's done so love it. Yeah yeah. I feel like there should be a guy in a rumpled suit sitting in the chair like back really worn down from we're fading up from black kilowatt of a man who's broken exactly gone and she took everything. They've reasoning riveting in this kid j. Jake paul do like david mamat play. Wait for the day. This this happens is well versed. Ready for that yeah. It's probably going to happen. And i'll probably be like good enough that it won't be as satisfying as we want it to be ready to happen almost the boxing. Yeah here's a think tick talkers. Have already like taken over comedy. People don't think comedy is a real art so we're just clowns so they let the big talkers do what we do. But i can't wait for the tick talkers to take over like real. Are you know what. I mean where they were they. They go in and they like do. An actor's job and people are like i mean the actors are just like i never a lot of falling out is no sandy. Meisner was this and they booked only watch. Watch a two minute to talk about the miser method and white swan. Yeah exactly yeah just gave you the hold on one second finger and watch two minutes of work yup okay dot and then they're like how do they have this kind of fuck just these teenage billionaires doing a self tape on their private jet. Yeah all right rose. We're going to get to know you a little bit better. In a moment. I can tell our listeners. Just a couple the things. We're talking about We have sturgis update. We have some good news in terms of a whole ding. The crack and lawyers accountable. We're gonna talk about the length of the perfect power nap. Nasa has opinions of that. Plenty more but first rosebud. We like to ask our guests. What is something from your search history. Okay my latest search history is jonathan adler decor which is essentially my search history. Every day is just interior decor.

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