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Hey Russell then threw himself Jimmy throw himself off the roof into the swimming pool. I think at that point Billy Crump they should change. His name credit is not really a great name. It's kind of a fun actor though. And he was in big fish other things. Here's Jeff's, Melanie doing a little fluffer nutter job on, on his pal. Pete buddha. Judge who is like Billy crop Pinot? Most famous his time as an intelligence officer in the naval reserves in a six month deployment to Afghanistan makes all ready, gold plated resume shine even writer, his already gold, plated resume shine, even brighter his li- like Carey grant appearing in a suit of armor to Shirley temple in the bachelor and the Bobby socks are they look at these politicians and they really, they want to get in a sleeping bag with them. His already golden resin. What is his golden resumes? The mayor of a city of one hundred thousand hits already. With twenty five percent poverty, right? South bend, Indiana. And that's it. He's a golden God. It makes his already golden resume shine even brighter cut try to be a little more of a fluffer their zealotry. I, I don't think you're admiration is showing through really should boy. I think that I'm thinking that boot edges husband better be on the lookout for Zelezny because there's a little too much interest going on there. Crazy. His husband chased in Jens, right? Yeah. I didn't even know Michael had that almost famous audio there. Still it started till it started going. And then there's a Bill de Blasio. He's a democrat. He's running for I was watching MSNBC this morning, and they were going to have the Blasios on. He likes to roll out of bed real late de Blasio apparently shows up to work lady goes to Jim at ten and then he goes to the office and he goes to sleep until noon. This is apparently his daily work regimen and sleeps half the day way. And then he barrels around in a motorcade, I'm back to Moore movie reference, like James Earl Jones and coming to America rose petals being thrown in front of his motorcade of SUV's. And that's how egos rally complaints about other people contributing to global warming. Just apparently after this green new deal thing he took a helicopter away from there. The other day. Did you say this 'cause he's complaining about other people global he took a helicopter to go to the gym or something? To go to the his next appointment, he took a helicopter. It's amazing. There's plenty of money in this world. There's plenty of money in this country. It's just in the wrong hands is just in the wrong hands to when he's in charge. You know, somebody with a gun will show up at your front door, and it will no longer be in your hands. It'll it'll be Andy will be there with him. And he the democrat, there is sixty seven year old as Latin American. There are flights daily Andy. I'll if you agree to not come back. I'll pay for your one way flight to Venezuela Palo Palestinian, it's amazing, isn't it? That's a that's a, you know, it's in the hands of the wrong people to people that earned it. Hey, John houseman earned it the old fashioned way he earned it, but they're gonna come around with a gun, you know, that's called the government and they're going to take it away from you. President Trump was flying on Air Force One yesterday. You know why? Because Hillary Clinton doesn't have access to it because she lost she's at home scraping vomit off her face. Again, that's what she's doing. Got her face down in the dog bowl. The dog died years ago. Get rid of the dog ball which the dog boss still doing their somebody ran over their dog. It was buddy. I think are, are hunk, hung, boom. The President Trump on air force ain't gonna go here comes pita. I can feel know President Trump on Air Force One talking about Bill de Blasio running for the presidency of the United States..

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