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Needed. I wish you had anyways. I need and so i had to do it myself. I'll talk about. We talked about ladybugs. And they're fucked up cannibals or that one of a fucking butterflies. here's trivia it's abc or d. Okay butterflies either. Love getting drunk. They love eating poop they love cannibalism or their absolute fucking death machines last listeners. Think about it. What do you think what do you think fortify their. I should down this. I think the poop a poopie. They fucking do all of that. Abc nbc. they're fucking monsters. You butterflies do these q. Little motherfuckers their favorite activities include getting drunk on fermented logs at lock sap. They have drunken. They love eating poop or dead animals. They will just feast on it. Like you find fucking dead. Coyote on the road and like butterflies would be like i'm gonna get so why don't we because it's just a butterfly man. Thick of how small they. Don't come in mass. We see flies eating a corpse yet. Because there's a million of them you don't see one you don't see you don't see one fly eating a corpse. It'll be one butterfly. His name's bobby's like and they love eating their siblings as caterpillars so that yeah so when their own brothers and sisters are becoming their own butterflies. Nope this is stacey. I'm going to eat most do that. And they get drunk that that was the biggest drunk. Butterflies are fucking loaded. All of the time. I don't know how they found that out. But that's a cool. Fuck in fact. I liked it so get ready for christmas. Fun episodes coming on. Didn't like it clearly. It was weird. But they're evil p survey but they're beautiful and they're part of the montauk project and they love montauk. I mean m. k. Ultra probably because they're fucking monsters so rate and review us of you. Enjoy your show the more you guys rolling. I'm so proud. You know the more you guys help out in the more you guys show that you enjoy show. We've been seeing some of the reviews and stuff we enjoy like. I love the reviews. You guys you know. Enjoy the also. Just talk shit about. Tom reviews and say how awesome philly is on the reviews. I'd like it'll be like that was a good so you can follow us. You know where to find his. Wwe podcast dot com. We're literally on every podcast app. You can find you guys about murcia. There's merch out there on the website. Heads you need your face mak everywhere you go. I strange motherfucking brew facemask ever reasonable. Yeah super awesome makes my mustache switch. You buy like it. I know all the face masks do are headed shave everything. I avenue donation. Why did i was obvi- you missed it. When i was pooping there. I had to go going. It was stupid. My god fucking donald's gave god damn food poisoning fucking mcdonalds man. People stop going there. Just stop eating it. I hear her and you know what's funny to about it. The only reason knows mcdonald's and by the way this is a horrible experience. I've never had food poisoning before shedding for literally. Two days like literally couldn't go to work couldn't leave the fucking bathroom. I think there was a six hour span. There at one point right didn't even step out of the washroom but it was the only thing i've eaten in the past couple of days. My girlfriend did not and even while i was eating the first couple of bites. This tastes oddly fresh. That's what i remember. I was like this is way too fresh to be mcdonald's and i don't know why it tastes like that. But the motherfucker gave me voicing your significant other is also a vegetarian and she. She'll eat fish right. Yeah and eggs and all that she had bought. What does she get from. Mcdonald's the fish that was the only. I'm saying she eat from mcdonalds. A sheet the fish. I usually get early pancakes or fries or something. That's protein the no. Nothing she eats is protein inspired. But i literally by her protein bars because she doesn't fucking supplement her lack of keila keen. How much came on very much. Yes so much and she needs so you're to find out any she is gonna strange. Bruce mother fuckers hose heads like we show up on time. I love you. I mean we. We love all the fans rambling but less than standard stuff coming up. Like there's a lotta shit coming up there. Don't spoil it by this point often thing for assholes. I'm still here the gap love to all but i. That's why i've got. This is bob west by the way his guy just called excessive smallest weekend you gain in the deep end to my seaman on your let. I leave start screaming. Make you bleed george. Just justin fish works for decades curve. We do it again on your friends your home for cooking time looking for help. Well go onto the dispel. Tell you to you for boo stylized through got yourself and your sell my thoughts and relation helicopter dixon. Pain screaming. heavy confessor evening gown. On your sure awesome. What was your lies in. Opening your mouth got surprised. You trust your short destroy down. I know your name whisking in the shot glass frisky grabbing your hot acid get turned on me wrapping. There's trash much. Mike cox semen socket rusting darkness la di for be my horse. That's why i store so much cement claim you saw talking. I'm still here the to yarn assault. That i'm getting used to do that. You often got a pistol still here. Because i love solve that. I'm getting houston that you stop incessantly. I got a thing for us all..

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