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And i feel like there's been three seasons it's called dead to me. It's actually a pretty well known you think so yet gotten quite a bit of attention. I haven't watched it. But i've heard it mentioned a lot. I really really liked season one. I didn't like season two as much It's got christina. Applegate and linda cardellini went And the interesting thing about james marston. Character is You don't think he's going to be in season two because this is what it's about. I'm not spoiling anything here. His character is murdered in season one but his character has a twin brother. That's pretty convenient. Yeah yeah so if good gracious you find out. He's been murdered in season one. But you see that. He's credited in season two. It's not flashbacks. It's because he's a twin brother so he is coming up or he's in pre production for the enchanted and he's playing prince edward again so i'm assuming that is the follow up to the movie enchanted. I saw that as that they were planning doing that. And one of his other more current things That i have kind of trying to get into. But i can't is called miss america and it is about the conservative conservative activists. Fellas sparkling interesting. I really really want to get into it. I just have not been in the right mindset so one of the interesting things about james marsden is do you know how he got his break in hollywood. No but now insanely curious about it. He was on vacation in hawaii with his family. In nineteen ninety one and he ran into brother and sister actors and actresses kirk cameron and candace cameron burton. Who is a. I don't know kansas. But kirk cameron is a horrible human being. But she's not my fav- bread. Yeah yeah so. I'm very very glad that james is as down to earth and and funny and and everything is he is because of like so where he has his his immediate influences or as original influences so They got him a role on the nanny that got him an audition and a role on the tv series the nanny and even though that is not his first credit on imdb that was his first acting role. And i think it's because of the way that imdb kind of lists things out as far as like Because the nanny was on for a few years as to where so he His other credits include saved by the bell. The new class In the line of duty ambush in waco and then. There was a canadian tv series. That did one season called diner. Those are kind of his original Acting jobs that kind of got him his original work Which led to some roles in things like party of five He was in the movie..

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