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Nine eight four nine four I had to join the shell and excited to go home in the morning after I'm not obviously set the rest of the show but when I get home I I have the Ozark finality to watch which is it is a show that I thought was not as great as some people make it out to be but the third season did end up getting really entertaining I one episode left us that's what I'm doing in the morning I don't just go home and go to sleep I can't I can't just do that we got we got like a I'm excited to go into yeah you're excited you did it will have to reasons why yeah what do you get away from you know what what what's the other reason says celebrating today what the other dog in the woods you know what national date is later yeah well we'll talk about we'll do our day I yeah I got it I got to come up with the social media complaint ID I can come up with one yet it was I I stayed off social media what this weekend so I don't have my normal repertoire of complaints to to go to right now so I got I have one I'll run by you during the break yeah I'd love to I'd love to hear maybe you can just give us a ride for today I'm sure I'll have something by tomorrow but if you wanna get a two one five five nine two nine four nine four I'm in a little bit I'll get to my review of this last dance I watched the first two episodes on Sunday night it's going to be really entertaining about the ninety seven ninety eight Chicago Bulls and really more than anything a history of of that team and Michael Jordan and and all that stuff so we'll get to that but so far discussing Carson Wentz and if you haven't checked it out check it out Inquirer dot com Jeff maclean's piece about course in end V. influence that he wields within the eagles organization and basically ate it states that a disproportionate number of players on the offensive side of the ball in giraffe since Carson Wentz's bit was selected by the eagles have been affiliated and Matt and managed by the agency represented by the agency to Carson Wentz is a part of this rep one agency Hey you know I should say malu Mack Hollins Dallas Goddard JJ Arcega Whiteside Andre Dillard all part of this agency and you know kinda will lead people to believe the Carson Wentz wields a ridiculous amount of power in the organization like I don't think that's true I'm I don't know what he supposed to say I I would imagine and look Jeff Buckley states the article that question what is it called any shots you know the eagles go to him asking for opinions and give their opinions on I think that's more than the eagles and there's nothing wrong with course ones doing that alternately the players the eagles select that falls on how Rosen that falls on the front office and I guess to a lesser degree can say falls on Doug Pederson Carson Wentz isn't making the selection Carson Wentz he's in the final on guy to sign off on these moves so I know where this is going to go and John in center city took I'm Bridget B. earlier state you know referring to the quote unquote Nick Foles people in a derogatory way I'm not telling you you're wrong for liking Nick Foles I love Nick Foles we all love Nick Foles and we all will be utterly grateful for what Nick Foles gave this organization but there is absolutely a segment of this fan base what's the blame Carson Wentz for everything everything that goes wrong somehow leads back to course and he's not a good team and he's not a good leader and he can't do this and he can't do that I'm I'm not Tony's perfect but he's damn good quarterback who a lot of teams in this league would love to have end I like videos opinions I liked it he gives his thoughts on how things should be run but this is not a course away sequence issue in regards to the eagles drafting it's a how rose in front office issue and they better get it right this year two one five five nine two nine four nine four also best pranks that you have seen in your lifetime if you were a part of you know friends that did pull them I will get you from that as Michael Carter Williams I'm pulled a prank at the legendary haunted Vince Pfister hotel in Milwaukee we put walkie talkies in the vents of all the rookies that year I'm on the Sixers and in his own hotel room was reciting nursery rhymes and threatening them so I I found that to be pretty funny pretty good prank so any pranks you have love to hear those as well I let's go to Mike in south Philly what's happened like yeah we're going about what's going on in yeah I don't I don't think people are actually going to care about the store as much as you think they are I mean I think you know the the the profils corralled there was gonna picnic everything requires a one time it can be anything people Mexican type of ice cream meat so but for this I think people are kind of over the whole false ones developing people the majority other than those trolls have moved on from it I don't think people are going to rehash old wounds again but who knows I mean I guess time will tell I think people kind of accepted one to the guy now for the most part and all these little you know the slander story so to speak nothing that was really good a playing that in quotes right I think people kind of you know I'm gonna make a big deal about it as much anymore yeah well we'll see I mean I I think there's a chance that might put on you know I just go back to what we sold last season grainy course and deserve criticism at the time but you yeah I mean you you listen you know the flood of calls we got one course went through that little rough patch about all the things they did he's not and that he's not a franchise quarterback and all this stuff and and back with the Philly voice article a lot of the same stuff and and I think some people you're right it moved on but there's always going to be that contingent that wants to put the blame on cars right right yeah I don't know if there's a whole lot I think you know for this draft I I've I've been three following a lot of what the here that the reporters have been saying and something kind of popped up over the last few days I don't know if you saw it or not but there's been a growing sentiment among reporters back the quote unquote draft pundits they're looking at the strap in a very very different why apparently from actual executives and general managers and scouts but I saw several reporters go a lot of pundits are going to be stoned when they're marked these are these are going to be the most wrong their mock drafts have ever been their lives because apparently a lot of executives and scouts had these players rated very very differently than a lot of the pundits do which makes me wonder does that increase the chances that a receiver could follow the eagles or is it the other way receivers go higher than we expected you know type could be one of the other I mean maybe yes scalp art is high in general managers already is high on this receiver class as the pundits are pundits are hyping this up is the greatest drive wires you request that maybe general managers and scouts to look at it that way maybe one of the receivers could fall into the the middle eighties after all one maybe a week ago didn't seem like there is any chance of that happening well maybe it's a case Mike and I hope so and I sold a mock draft yesterday I think was Chad rooter of NFL dot com I mean he had Jerry Judy falling to the eagles at twenty one like I don't have Henry Ruggs really like I don't see either of those things happening I don't even like I don't know but that's an interesting thing you bring up the you know I don't know if he's because of of the corona virus stuff in the fact that teams have been able to meet with these guys in there for you know aids more mock drafters just kind of throwing darts against the wall but maybe that is true in any does make sense from that perspective why did those opinions will be more off bases here yeah lesson tell out there because less meetings you know a lot of a lot of by reporters and an analyst they get their you know they get the rub from you know meetings and work around legal there's less work because it's been less contact you know so I'll tell you here's what would annoy me I was going to give you just a little bit of run down on how to how to feel and I would be absolutely infuriated at the eagles have a linebacker in the first round in fury and in fact I would give their entire draft an F. grade if they just took a while back in the first round here with a different route the two two seven if they take a linebacker in first I'm getting how are you after the draft to me linebacker other than my kicker and punter and long snapper obviously other than that other than running back linebacker to me is the second least important position on a football team I just don't think it's important anymore I think it is it's being devalued more every single year you're seeing with guys like Keith Lee and Patrick Willis retiring where's the shelf life for linebackers is is is trending toward the running back direction guide to retiring at a young three thirty aids now in a passing league linebackers are being taken off the field in second third downs more than ever I just don't think it's an important position Tom and unless you can get like a ray Lewis caliber talent to me taking running outside linebacker in the first round is is almost as wasteful taking a running back in the purse I just wouldn't do it no I agree Mike and I I wouldn't I wouldn't be happy with that either I think in today's day and age in the NFL it's way more important just look at the eagles from twenty seventeen it's way more important to have you pretty much two starting defensive lines where you can cycle guys in and out get pressure on the quarterback stop the run without really needing your linebackers to make tackles and have depth in the secondary nav guys in the secondary complacent actualized roles what you got like Patrick Robinson that year which I think that's kind of what they're hoping Robey Coleman can provide on that's way more important what you said on because it with with all the different personnel packages nowadays most of the time a lot of the time your seven one linebacker on the field anyway so as long as you have that one guy you can kind of handle things and I think maybe the eagles looking the cherries that guy and you know if you take a linebacker in the.

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