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But off more than we can do i don't know i don't know we had to a ballroom with giant windows in a panoramic view of the us capitol everybody gathers for a quick lunch grilled meat in veggies on sticks in the panelist take their seats to the right of the stage team daisy the funeral planning nap they're the first up to pitch in cow a salesman for new jersey kicks it off soldiers one thing here that we all have in common and that's something just the is meeting up here talking to you and that's a death planning to do two funeral planning what did not have done four wedding planning the panel's responses they like the idea and they offer a few suggestions to make it better remember this team did just meet each other calling laven says she came up with the idea when she got on the bus this morning all things considered this goes pretty well just before dinar is up the pitch the team is standing in a circle there's still not sure how to focus the company with now they're talking about wanted to billions if you wanted to be more than happy been this isn't different albert albert linked linked annoyance when i think we need to preserve the source for harken investors are looking out and then they're on the stage all six of them standing in a row once he member explains what the company will do to the extent that even know what does provide says amounted four people in bus fare cryptocurrency cain interest rates and do so by investing in small businesses and here perhaps noticing the puzzled faces in the room adam jumps back to square one and he starts explaining by cryptocurrencies are even useful in the first place they provided a form of value transfer that is decentralised not controlled by any central entity and it's on the internet so it is instant and that fees to transact on the networks are extremely well frankly it's a mess they slog through the next minute or so and then they take questions all has a lot we'll tell me about it i it's just all over the place there's no clarity.

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