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Lafayette, Livermore, Dublin discussed on Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks


Wow got a car fire for Lafayette from the sub model body traffic fast they closed the freeway this occurred west twenty four west of central Lafayette traffic backing up to Pleasant Hill road the driver of the car didn't set the parking brake and it started to roll away on fire eastbound traffic there is very heavy getting to the scene as well he found for port Chicago highway that's a fender Bender but traffic is very heavy from before highway six eighty and there is still an accident in the right most lane in Livermore east five eighty east of north Livermore Avenue there may be a fender Bender in the back up that is why it's so heavy from succeeding in Dublin out of San Francisco really packs north one one from Cesar Chavez the bay bridge this traffic is sponsored by napa auto parts with thousands of locally owned napa stores across the nation chances are that wherever you call home they do too so whether you stop by your local napa auto parts store from napa auto care center or visit them online you can count on that but how everybody Mr T. here for Xfinity well you're deciding which movie put on last night was.

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