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Yeah and that'll come back again not sorry pete him later dispute my tesselin i know my voice is different 'cause i'm wearing sweatpants at cough at the bottom what what happens with everybody gets famous light at the end of in sweatpants thick off i don't understand and then when i get my car sounds like this but he because the door goes up oriented uh being light king famous really a point being white nba favors legendary by throwing new i okay okay excuse me again again again having at us how he says the knowing that i'm going to be a worldfamous again you i do want to write like a movie for yourself 98 yeah i'm allowed to say who's interested in it but i did write a movie did brazil also is interested right now bruce willis assorted going i have to i can warwick yeah it's a really cool cast its shaun young rutger hauer just like the worst yet josh charles is going to do it for you this giant that's one thing i have going there's the edged pitches in stuff it just like weird because one thing the aging where it was like so do you know so and so you don't i don't understand and should like look around removal could do you know so and so have you met with so and so you don't know who this is yeah you haven't met with this person and then kind of looking around a casting like executives and you know up comedians are people that people i should just you know i should you don't know soandso at this place that made lego batman or whatever.

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