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New Rainbow Six Content Coming Out


They also announced the UBISOFT team announce that there's new rainbow six content coming so I got the press release that I have here. I'm not GonNa read this whole thing. But essentially it's the second season for twenty twenty of siege for year five. That's your five that we're in now. It's wild I think it's the game is just better. Operation Steel wave is what it's called an introduces two new operators ace and Maluzi new attacker and a defender from Norway and South Africa in addition to an entirely reworked house map and a slew of gameplay changes. We won't go too deep into the weeds here except to say that they're looking for from factions. That I'm not too familiar with yeah. They're they're unfamiliar for shore. Ace looks like it. Uses the attacker from looks like a rescue unit of some type and then Melissa the defender has very interesting character design with her braids but aside from that. They're they're not very familiar at all like they don't clearly belong to any of the factions that we've seen yet do you thank her. Braid design is a South African thing. It's not a felony design It I mean it looks like it's too thick it like it. Looks like hair on top of hair so I I would imagine that it was just something that they didn't enemy urged didn't dumb draft out natively like it's something put on top of an existing players show. Now that I see it up close it does look like a wig. Looks LIKE CORN? Row Wig omos. Yeah it's I mean. They tried how how someone is is literally amazing air every time. How do you feel about this choice? Are You mad about it or you? Like I'll take the representation. Oh Immune it's always a mixed bag with hair and in representation for black women specifically but I mean they. They gave it a go and other other than our hair. She looks cool It's a very interesting gadget. That she has so I give them pass on this one. I have a lot of love remo sick. So they'll get the forgiveness this time. What's her gadget? I haven't looked at this. Just pull up the video so that Steiner and I can take a look. Yeah some operator. Gameplay yes so for from Lucy the defender Gadget is a banshee. Sonic defense and it looks a lot like diggers what I would. I forget what it's called. Whatever the anti-grenade where you can put it on walls or surfaces and it emits a pulse. Sonically that will slow and disoriented people as they approach it and from what I can read here you actually have to disable it by hitting it or by hitting it with something very very close range so it seems pretty decent on slowing down and that in combination with the new proximity alarm which is a sticky grenade that you could probably put on ceiling. This could be a real problem for for really aggressive attackers. I like that. They're putting in some of these defenses for aggressive attackers. Because I think that it kind of changes up the dynamic even though I think we all agree that being the defending team always feels inherently easier than mainly attacking team. Which is why we got the really aggressive defender in the last round. The guy whose name I can't remember. But he can like jump up level or ix or x Ten. But if you guys aren't playing rainbow six or you've never played Rambo six. Now's a great time to jump in. There's so much happening in the game. The Operation Steel. When does that do have a date? There did I just put the Dayton when it goes live Live delays date. I see all the notes here on the video. They announced this week in the description box. I could also pull up the press release again. Sorry everybody listening hoops. Nope it's not in the description back dealer so little halloween or no. Y'All know say not seen either. Maybe there's no maybe in the future this will be in the game happening soon happening after this show airs. We're not we're not giving area take we're just gonNA keep you guessing. Yes yes we will be no but this really really

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