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There's a woman so I've run this western states, endurance, run this hundred mile run from squad valley down to Auburn, California. Which is close to where I live been fortunate to do that when three times some people call it the Super Bowl of hundred mile runs that sort of thing. And there was a woman a couple years ago that finished at the age of sixty nine that's right, one hundred mile trail run, and it was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen in my brain cannot pull her name right now and see how that works because I told the story many many times, so I'll try to link that in my bio are not in the bio and the show notes, but but that's an amazing story. But the this this is a woman named Gladys Baril. Gladys real is incredible. She had been an aircraft pilot mountain climber. Hiker horseback rider. But that is not what she is known for Gladys ran her first marathon when she was eighty six years old, and then she became famous after completing the Honolulu marathon at the age of ninety two. Yes. Ninety two years old. No, she did not win it. She did not run it and under three hours or anything like that took her nine hours fifty three minutes. She power walks. She jogged all throughout but she reached finish line ninety two. That was. Yeah. Ninety two years old is when she completed the Honolulu marathon, so a couple of others, Laura Ingalls wilder thought this was pretty fascinating forty three hundred dollar rose incursion write a memoir about her childhood. And I attempt at writing autobiography was rejected several times. So she spent the next several years improving it and publishers agreed to publish her work inform of fictional story for young children. She was sixty five years old when little house in the big woods was published and she wrote her other little house series, including the last one that came out at the age of seventy six and Ray, Kroc, you know, that name Ray, Kroc media after volunteer indoor World War One Ray. Minutes career, selling paper cups, and they'll shake machines. And they went on to California to meet the restaurant owners who needed as milkshake machines. I think this was if you've seen the movie founder with Michael Keaton, they covered this that he was amazed and simplified at he was amazed by simplified smooth production of their processes, and so he purchased the company joined forces with the owners of the fifty three percent, the company fifty nine and then went on to do a bunch of franchises known as McDonald's. So fifty nine hundred. This was interesting with all the superhero movies that are out ninety five years old Stanley was considered the godfather of marvel comics, but he didn't create his first comic Lewis thirty nine. And nearly forty Lee created the first fantastic four comic which later led him to creating Spiderman Black Panther, the X men and countless other legendary superheroes. Who now dominate the box office decades later and one of my clients told me about the movie about Julia child that I have not seen but she worked in advertising majority of her life. She didn't release her first cookbook until the age of fifty which catapulted her into stardom in Turner and do one of the original celebrity. Chefs and one thing I did not I found all kinds of Colonel Sanders. If you're already thinking about him, I found actually go.

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