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Philip marlowe on some candidate. The share like two detectives names would split between characters and basically. They're like fifties kind of tough guys that themselves. Then they're in like an agee's inspirer. Read like dr fall at world and get strange hop culture pastiche of all these things in really entertaining films. That really interesting film vicious lips. The movie made after that is again. It's like an eighties. power pop. Chairman holograms almost turned into like a an internal like quest for the quest for kind of self knowledge. It's it's a surprisingly at interior looking again movie. That's basically about like a girl by flying through space with a monster in their spaceship. And he so he. He's just a go i you. I think has ideas that he rarely has the money for his films. Just always end up being kind of somewhere in between what he wanted and he. His sensibilities are high concept enough. That the kind of shirk off on road or easy jewelry comparisons. And then i think it spooks producer producers. Like new is gonna take this back and finish it off on that. He just has a kind of a string of films that are not exactly the film he wanted to release. Yeah i will say though as as a director who he someone like you said is constantly reaching just a little bit too. Far is overly ambitious most directors when they get the situation. God we've watched so many low budget films that do this where you could tell the concept. It's way too high concept. There's way way too little money at totally falls flat on its face like why did you do this in the first place. Lpn's interesting because he doesn't quite get there but with the tiny budgets that he has he gets really really close. Yeah and it's really impressive to me. How close the all there and a lot of people dog on siberian. I don. I don't get it like it's slow and it's chopped to hell and it's it's certainly strange and not what you expect if you're trying to throw in a van damme action movie. I think it's great. I honestly it's one of my favorite van damme movies and before it was one of my favorites just because it meant so much to me as a small child but now we're watching them like this is legit. It's not just nostalgic to you. Know i totally totally agree with you. Stephen unaware to add that. I feel this falls into. I've always i've long held. That van damme has not really got his jews as as a a gigging actor and assembly who has just enough clout to decide who he works with. And honestly i mean vandamme never of schwarzenegger certainly but on just underneath schwarzenegger vandamme carved data pretty remarkable career out of being the guy who does the big spinning kick. And you know he's worked with the work woods soy off on with a ringgold on and his this working with albert pune is also a really fascinating film at maybe. He didn't like it at the time. But i think it certainly stands out like a very distinctive film. And i think above all else i guess anyone who watches or you may like it. You may not like it. But i think undeniably it's not run of the mill action. Su he you know it's it's definitely it's own yeah. Yeah i'm a little our i i. I wouldn't go so far as to say i. I think it's great. I think it has greatness in it. I speak crucifixion scene. I think that's where the really it's pitch for me. It's really working but After that i don't know. I think it doesn't exactly stick the landing and a lot of that may be in the reedit. I'm very interested to watch slinger which we will be doing later but You know honestly. Adam funny things slayers probably the back half is closer to cyborg in the first half not the bag have is just that very climax which is just quiet and just hit the blob. Shirtless fucking oiled up and screaming and sort of not not very well. Choreographed fight scene to end the thing. There is some good action. Choreography in this film is more in the front half outs i wanna know. How many weeks in a row are we going to have a podcast where we're talking about at least one movie with an oiled up. Honk fighting. we make choices wisely. we never. That's yeah that's what. I'm hoping for because i'd like to keep this beefcake streak going so fingers crossed. Although looking at the schedule we may hit a bump next week. I'm not sure it depends on how far you could stretch the definition of beefcake. I suppose but anyways. I guess you know. I didn't realize this before. But part of the joy of doing this podcast. Is i learn new things like hey did you know that there were two sequels to cyborg also did his own sequel cyborg but they aren't the official sequels. And did you know the second one was also angelina. Jolie's first real starring role. These are all things that i learned from cyborg to the. What's the subtitle glass. The glass glass shadow magic perfect machine the cutting edge of espionage technology in a humanoid robotics application it magic the perfect loving machine human in almost every respect our very best in the perfect killing machine conditioned top of the live. Imagine they are all the damn you know. Listen that trailer. I've just like i can't believe that. They they made a movie about me in nineteen ninety-three. That's so wild but whole trailer like imagine a hot lady. Okay we'll dawn. Where do we that do murder. Okay yeah so this movie Glass to glass shadow is some juice that you put in your robots and then when you fucked the robot it explode it's amazing there's an entire sub-genre of of cult films that are about exploding sexy ladies than because it's off one ill. So the she wolf movie with the exact same plus. He's the one with the oil shootings. I don't quite remember a troy scrub memory of those films. How amazing thing said angelina jolie's at debut role and i sympathize greatly with her i was telling adam beforehand I looked into some comments on this move. She's not asked about this field. Walsh surprise abroad while she has about on. Our show is true. Yeah should come on now. I thought it was kind of Endearing that apparently she has said about this movie that she really enjoyed everything about this film up until she actually sat down watched is when she realizes like all. That's what i and she realized that you know all the excitement your first movie and you're showing up. You're doing things and everything's coming together. And you're like you know it. Your marks learning lines and interacting with all these other people and this is a pretty stacked cast. It's not fully. Nobody's am and in the end of all that to realize spoiler alert that cyber to kind.

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