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Studio this is why it all unfold a couple of ending galway strict going to kick the pitch swing and a high all deep the right failed it is fair it's gone it's down into the corner and what is it is one one all other att harper has tied the game to dave o'brien but the call on espn radio from october seven twenty fourteen hunters strickland waited three years for retaliation he hit brace proper they charge them out a way out at donnybrook hotter strickland why did you look at the end of this game back to eight the nc park summit will get the reference jerry here's the junior here rocky birthday you're you're right i got the reference by the way but you're also right that he's going to have some explaining to do it not just to the media people ask him questions right they inside is all clubhouse as cory gary now the bullpen for the giants facing traitor stephen jewett i space a pinch runner actually for washington the first pitch about foul after the left from trade turner who is over for today as dusty baker using joe ross a pitcher to run it for its base for drew hunter structural strickland drills harper harper starts to walk tour strictly buster post the catcher does nothing that to me says a lot buster posied made nobody whatsoever garrod a onestrike pitch a slider outside what a one that count garrett ah one eight six e r a one one record twentieth appearance for garrett on the year boris holding the runner ross it first space the one one pitch and turner chase the slider it's wanted to george cocktails winning he's responsible for ross the first phase gave up two hits back more started pitched well for the giants two runs over seven innings as gerrard the one to low outside backhanded by posing roxie.

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