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On the base paths here certainly got the attention of some of the red broadcasters were talking with earlier today. They made two outs and the bases today but actually the second Al Jaber Candelaria, are you really kind of liked him, pushing it? It was a single to right center. Naquan had to run a long way, made a good decision but was thrown out at second base, but the base running in this series It certainly triggered the six run rally in the 15 5 win in the sixth inning on Friday night, and then the Tigers pushed it a little bit today. Accu but do soft ground ball down the third baseline legged out a double by inches on the throw to second base from shrunk, almost got him. But that started the three run rally in the sixth inning today for the Tigers against Luis Castillo, who was pitching very well on the head cruise through five. And then they killed the do again is going from first base off with a pitch. Soft line drive single to center scored from first and a single. It was electrifying and the Tigers baserunning really stood out in this series win in Cincy. Next game previews run to buy SPS Vision. The official optical retailer of the Detroit Tigers, Tigers, now go on to Pittsburgh. The Pirates Right now, with one of the worst records in baseball, But as a J, Hinch said, I never look at series matchups, whether they're a good team, bad team because it's always about the pitching. It's always about. You have to play your best baseball each day. But this is an opportunity for the Tigers to win. You would think another series on the road. Derek School against Bryce Wilson an afternoon game on the Labor Day holiday tomorrow and then Willie Peralta, Matt Manning for the Tigers in Games two and three a couple of night games in Pittsburgh before the Tigers come back home. Tigers in Pittsburgh Pirates 1 35 tomorrow on the ER at 1 15. That's going to wrap things up from here in Cincinnati. Oh, thanks to our engineers today, Chris Korte is with us here at the Ballpark and Bryan Fischer back in our studios in Southfield. My partner, Craig Monroe. I'm Dan Dickerson again. The final score. Tigers take two out of three from the Reds of the 41 win. Thanks for listening. Have a great evening, everyone. Detroit Tigers baseball brought to you by.

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