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We're going to go see which defensive liner which defense is better than the other team's defense? Is they go in Los Angeles? So so fine stadium. So five stating it be nice to go out there somewhere. They having a Super Bowl this year next year out there two years out there, they changed. It changed its Tampa this year, right? Correct, But it was supposed to be this. I believe that is correct because they want fans. Yeah, that's right. Like a full. They want to put it on display. You believe? Yeah, exactly. I think that's why Well what it's mean. Who knows when they're going? They might be playing the Super Bowl on Valentine's Day. Whatever it doesn't matter, they're going. We'll know. Figure it out. They're going to play and I know I'm in Las Vegas Raiders have sent their offensive line hold. You heard that today, Right there. Whole offensive line has been sent home that was the Bears would send. There's something about Trent Brown Trent Brown something Trent Brown was the contact tracing your whole game into contact, which went around. Every single member of the offensive line has been sent over. They got a good game this weekend to get Tom Brady in the book. So that's a sudden listen to Mr Miller earlier today when he had his little little time with fellas, he said, Keep an eye on that game. That might be a game where you're gonna be scrambling late. Tio, put players on the pine and pick players up. Or fantasy purposes. The one thing they have done well is let people know Sunday morning what the status because they get the test results back. And so if the Raiders don't have any positive test Sunday morning, Then I would assume the game will go off. I've been victimized by this where I had two players didn't play in. Lost, lost weak and I was up suddenly playing off. You have access to anything, I'd come back and I said, Oh, boy, This is a good A good week. It's going to be a bad remember the game where the Chiefs ended up playing on that Monday night, but it looked like they were going to get delayed a week like I took Mahomes out of my line up Saturday night and sort of a similar thing. You're like, So Saturday night, and I'm like, Oh, I better get my homes out of lineup that they're gonna postpone that game. Right. So I take my home's out. Whoever my backup as I have in that league, I think was big Ben. So it's not a bad option, whatever, but I take my home's out. Then I don't look really because I was doing something Sunday morning in your in your defense because I had the same situation. Vacuum had been moved to Monday. So it was you, but you didn't know you kinda had to cross your fingers. It was the chief's Patriots game. Maybe that's what what happened was It was kind of in flux. You didn't really know until Monday morning, So if you had a back up player who was playing on Sunday, you didn't wanna risk it. And I said, You know what? Back up in because what happened to them? Next week. I'm sorry was the Titans the Titans game on Tuesday and right where you kind of a cross your fingers and hope that the game is played like you were playing Derrick Henry. You better hope that the game plays that some of the challenges small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. It's fantasy, but I mean, yeah, Zo navigating covert 3123323776. That's the number talk bears with US NFL. For weeks. Seven. You're going to have some thoughts on the baseball even serious now, 11 you gotta like that. Hopefully it is a nice long Siri's for baseball fans. For all of us that enjoy it. I know the games are a little long and you do wonder if they're not sort of overly managed or micromanaged at this point. It's something we'll discuss a little bit later. I'm plus, I thought heartfelt Zoo meeting from Fitz Magic Ryan Fitzpatrick as he talks about being devastated to get the news that he was no longer the starter. And why the Dolphins are moving onto to it. Now, after cross talk yesterday with Captain J. Hood, it got me thinking, and it's starting to make more more senses to maybe why they're making the change. Now we'll discuss that when we.

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