Looking Back at N64's 'GoldenEye 007'

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GONNA talk about a little unknown gain. That came out for the end. Sixty four called go goldeneye double. Oh seven you look so excited. I'm I'm I'm excited. I think this is the first time where I've been able to talk about something that I was like. Have like very strong memories of Because like I remember like a cold wind dark winter morning and and I was I was probably like ten or so and I would be in the basement playing Goldeneye and and shooting shooting poorer Russian soldiers in the army and then they'd like wave their arms. You I got him wave there are. I'm I'm very strong. Golden Eye Memories and generally aren't mostly about multiple though I did multiplier It's mostly about the single player but I know we're alone. Must Lonely looney child boy. Did you guys play golden eye at all. Have you ever played only grow before your time. Honestly I have never ever in my life played it but I was in like a used game store. Go like two or three years ago and they had like sixty four games sure and I saw Goldeneye for ten bucks. So that's a bad and I bought it but I haven't in sixty four. Yeah Okay Cool. I still have never played it though but I owed it plant. I can't imagine I'm going and playing it now. If you didn't before I I love that game. I was obsessed for that game some games. Just don't hold up. That doesn't mean they're not important but holy cow playing shooter on Nintendo sixty four controller. We have to like with the CBN's and also the right trigger. It's it is a messy messy game. I don't want to Brag but I may have been defendant like I was. I'll just say I was the neighborhood. Champion of Goldeneye. How many people how many children were involved in? Probably about eight so like deal. Sure I'm and also like looking back on it kind of unfair because weight is not only no. I didn't do that. And I let people pay his job. But we only only played Complex shot with either remote minds approximity minds as you do and that really is a mode that once you learn how to exploit it it. Nobody has a chance of beating you. Yeah that's true you kind of get into a rhythm and and let's just say I was. I was really good really really early. We're in that rhythm. Chris Plante Rhythm Rhythm plan is what. We're getting a little ahead of ourselves though because I wanted to go back to the beginnings it's as we might know golden eye was developed by a company called rare rare is known for many many games conquers. Bad Firday today is one of them although the ear rated podcast that is certainly not an easy rated game but they also made donkey Kong country and that was their big big big success of the S era and so they decided okay. We've got this bond license secured the bond license we are going to you make a bond game and their initial idea for this bond game was to make it just like donkey Kong country. They wanted to make a AH side. scrolling Tutti James Bond game so you would like play as James Bond. Yeah but you'd roll around in even Pretty Pretty Authentic Komo essentially like that arcade game where you shoot aliens in the face. The side scrolling on. That doesn't really narrow it down but you are a spy and you start with the parachuting remember the anyway. We're supposed to be that. But but the Martin House who is the game director decided that he wanted to take advantage of a new piece of technology and that technology was known as the ultra sixty. Four ooh ooh now people who know their nintendo history know that the ultra sixty four became the Nintendo sixty right like Mike. I'm not sure what that became like. Ultra sixty battle out the cooling about the ultra sixty four was specifically its name because later development in development nintendo platforms included Dolphin. Yeah and what was the switch called and the AH the best one was revolution. Revolution was very good for the game. Cube right the week. Oh the way. I'm sorry Gamecube is Dolphin so they knew this. This platform is coming out so they decided to build a team that would take advantage of this new incredible to really generation. That was on the cusp of happening. It wasn't just face ball anymore. More Three D. was going to be everywhere so is to make a three D on rails shooter inspired by Virtual Cop Chris Plant. It's a big fan so I'm sure he has. Virtually top is a masterpiece. Yes Richard Crop for people who who don't know imagine virtual fighter back in the early days so characters made out of about twelve polygons all together and then you go around like a building that is just barebones architecture. Maybe Yeah Square's in and you shoot them in the face. The aiming is not especially good. It's also also perfect because it was made by Sega so evenings not good but it was also part. Listen that's what you learn as say fan. The game doesn't work. Sonic the HEDGEHOG. Yeah it's a mess. It's the best game ever made. So they had this very ambitious plan again early days of Three D.. They wanted to a shooter. They'd never really done that before as a company so in order to do that they built a crack team of ten people. Eight of whom had never made a professional video games It was a massively massively. Inexperienced team ga They brought on some people that had made done some modeling work. Some You know a little bit of like Hacky Games that they've done on their selves. But in but as an actual professional product eighty percent of the team had never made a professional game before so this was their first time and it sort of seemed like it was going to be a disaster from the outset. They out of access they were able to visit the sets of the movie Goldeneye. Great film by the way really holds up they were able to visit all the sides but as they were starting to develop they realize. That's how long this project was gonNA take the first year and a half. They didn't even have the specs of what the four was going to be like. Oh I had no idea so. There was a lot of X. factors that they didn't really know how to fill They basically just as they were developing it in that first year and a half they just took a stab. They guessed it what it was gonna play can and what the specs we're going to be and What they came up with essentially a hacked together piece of hardware controlled ruled by Sega Saturn Controller? So that was all they had unfortunately when they finally did find out what the specs were from Nintendo Intendo it was about seventy five percent less powerful than they thought they were going to have owned a big disaster. Carl Hilton was one of the designers. He spoke to a now Gamer in actually a really good retrospective which no longer online but you can read it on the way back machine He basically said that Color textures external costs a lot more in terms of processing power and because they were trying to cut down all the high Processing power stuff just to get Jan onto onto the end sixty four. They ended up making almost all of Goldeneye in gray scale and then using like a little bit tweaks to like ads him green for the jungle and stuff like that. But when you think back to Goldeneye it is like a lot of blacks and whites and grays like all of the maps are very simple and that's just because they were like super super super easy for them to actually get them working. Unfortunately that didn't really Ended up great for the frame rate. which again I know? You haven't played allegra point you you remember it. It does not run great. No but that's again a thing of back then. Nothing ran great. So yeah. Yeah that's true you like frame rate was so far from our minds it was just like Oh this is just how games feel Gamesville slow. Unfortunately when you go back in you like is like you tasted like true coke zero. I'm trying to play till like and then you go back in you. Try like diet coke. But why would I want this. I have the greatness. I never had either but I just feel like I'm connecting with the youth right here you are. I completely understand now. I am since devastated. I'm glad we could connect things for people The so obviously things are working great. They're also running to an issue with delays specifically that they are risking the potential to come out with Goldeneye. Wfan the game after the next bond movie comes out tomorrow. Never dies. Came out after Goldeneye in Nineteen ninety-seven and and at this point because the game had been delayed about a year and a half. They were really getting close to the point. Where like the new movie was GonNa come out and then this game was going to happen? That was like for a super old bond movie that really members at that point it was it was bad but something saved them. And that thing was Super Mario Sixty four. I guess it was just call. Maria's sixty four Super Mario sixty four it was called super to be clear. Mario Mario Super Mario Sixty four. Got It perfect. You know before that came came out obviously for me off. Other people is a kind of a revelation. Mary's it was like a big deal and even for the Goldeneye developers who was a big deal because they realized Oh we can make. Hey speaking of great frame rate by the way Chris Plant in Mary's sixty four just just saying but they saw this game and they were like got him. Oh we can make a three game. That's like a little more involved than just like wow like a like a gimmick of while you can explore three d environments so it after playing that They started adding things like objectives and like ai that you would follow around and Oh she's GonNa have this thing while you defend her stuff like

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