The Hazards of Making Movies About Real People


The I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as many of the Hollywood reporter and Matt has come up. Many times in Hollywood does what it loves to do which is to make make movies and particularly awards season movies based on real people that controversy follows and we're seeing more or less at the same moment to different controversies sees. One of them involves Clint Eastwood's new movie Richard Jewel. which according to the Hollywood reporter's awards reporter Scott Feinberg up ends the Academy Me Awards race? It's it's GonNa be very very popular. He thinks with hatemi members in numerous categories. I'm assuming that probably includes picture but in this movie Richard Jewel. Joel this is about the security guard who tried to warn about the Olympic Park bombing back in Nineteen ninety-six a real event. He is portrayed in this movie. Of course he. He was excused of having been involved with the bombing. He was completely innocent and his life was M- very damaged by this. But I'll tell you what life is being damaged now day day in this movie have character a woman reporter who Allegedly in the movie sleeps with a source with an FBI source to get a story about about this and this person this real life person whose name is used. Kathy scruggs is dead and cannot speak up. I mean this is an outrageous thing to accuse as a reporter of that is a firing offense as you know if you were to get wind of one of your people at the Hollywood reporter sleeping with the source to get stuff and I will tell you in my life there. There have been occasional offers. But that's not something that real reporters do and the editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution where this person worked is objecting to this and I will just now. This is a Clint Eastwood movie. Clint Eastwood is clearly very conservative. Possibly part of the trump you know the reporters play reporters are fake news world and I honestly Kinda Hope. This becomes the controversy. Because I think it's outrageous. Well it's also part and parcel of the film this. This is an indictment according to the reviews that have come out of both the FBI and the media and how they handled this situation with Richard Jewel. And I don't I don't think anyone is saying that this was the finest moment for either of those institution absolutely not but it does cross the line there to suggest that a reporter did something like this and it's also a trope like you've seen this in other things with sally field. I'll never forget it. I was like well. Paul Newman hard to resist about. We don't do this right and even more recently. If you look at the character in house of cards played by Kate Mara her relationship with Kevin Spacey. Right if you look even Amy Schumer in trainwreck. I mean that was. She was sleeping with the subject of her story. So this is like a trope that comes back and and I am not what a female journalist but I see how deeply offensive this is And also not necessary like you. Don't need it's Lizzie. And let me just turn quickly to this apple premier. You know apple is trying to plunge into this world. It's been a bumpy ride. We've talked about. They have this movie. The banker they were going to have a premier they cancelled it. Why did they cancel it because the son of the subject and the stories about a black man who this is a real story again of who recruited a white man to front for his financial business sixty years ago before the Civil Rights Act? This is a real story. But they have been using this guy. Son is the sky named Bernard Garrett Junior to promote the movie and IT Turns Out Bernard Garrett has a couple of half sisters who say that this guy had sexually molested them for years ears and this has now blown up. It's a different kind of hazard. Apple acquired this film. But when you don't vet things carefully this hazard that can happen. Yeah that's an interesting question because apple bought this movie after it was already made and neither apple nor the filmmakers knew about this controversy until about a week peak before the premiere and obviously the allegations are very specifically time. But now they've got to figure out what to do with this movie. That has this. Explosive allegation dropped their wives. Yeah I mean I just saved. Proceed with caution when you're doing true real life stories and I think it's a cheap out to Take on someone who's dead and can't speak up. Thank you thank

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