Debunking the Trump-backed conspiracy theory on Ukraine election meddling


President trump repeated again on Friday a defunct conspiracy theory that it was you crane and not Russia that intervened in the twenty sixteen election this even after multiple US intelligence agencies have repeatedly stated that that's simply not true in her testimony in the impeachment hearings this past week former National Security Council officer Fiona hill said that the president and his supporters are parroting Russian disinformation this is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated in propagated by the Russian security services themselves the unfortunate truth is that Russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked democratic institutions in twenty sixteen this is the public conclusion of our intelligence agencies confirmed in bipartisan congressional reports it is beyond dispute even if some of the underlying details Mister mental suffice the second installment of the report she's referring to was written by the Senate intelligence committee and released last month need a junk which is the disinformation fellow at the Wilson center science technology and innovation program here in Washington DC and she joins me now welcome thanks for having me Leila alright let's start with this one it was kind of extraordinary to see in these impeachment hearings the need to repeat over and over and over again that it was the Russian government and not Ukraine that interfered in the twenty sixteen election so that strike you as significant it struck me as significant because by spreading the rumor that Ukraine interfered in our elections it's undermining the unanimous conclusions not only of the intelligence community but I have this bipartisan Senate report the Kremlin is stoking these divisions in our society and of course they don't want to see Ukraine reach its goals of Europe lentic integration they want to see you crane thought of as a corrupt nation and and right now the folks are peddling those theories are helping the Kremlin in that goal we should say for sure that we don't know that it was Russia that started the Ukraine rumor I'm we do know that Russia interfered in our election but we don't know that it was Russia that started the rumor that Ukraine was the one that did it instead of them doing well there is reporting that just came out from the New York times at the end of this week that sad that intelligence community was briefing members of Congress over the past couple of months saying that indeed Russian intelligence did plant that rumor among journalists and Ukrainian oligarchs and that's how it made its way into our

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