Giuliani associate Lev Parnas agrees to cooperate with House impeachment probe


Day. One Thousand Nineteen eighteen of the trump administration and as the president takes his fight against impeachment as he did tonight to Lexington Kentucky Democrats feel they are gaining and building ending their case against him. Just tonight Lev Parnasse. One of those two Rudy Giuliani associates and the effort to have Ukraine help trump investigators. Rivals also has agreed to give documents and testimony to Congress Arnesen was picked up while apparently trying to flee. The country has already been indicted on campaign finance charges and and refuse to comply with investigators. Initially last month. He and the other Guy Ebor fruman were also involved in the effort to oust one time. US US ambassador to Ukraine Maria Villanova who trump recalled back in May and that brings a big move from the house. Democrats to the four today today this morning. They went public with the impeachment inquiry releasing the first transcripts from witnesses who Baha behind closed doors gave depositions. Opposition's remember these other depositions that were being taken in private the same proceedings the Republicans wanted to disrupt a week ago. Oh demanding transparency. Well we got some of that transparency today nearly five hundred pages of testimony from the former former ambassador and a top aide to the secretary of state. Mike pompeo former ambassador Michael McKinley. They are now no longer secret. House Intelligence Committee Committee Chair Adam. Schiff described the essence of what the witnesses said. The apparatus of the State Department itself was being used to seek political information for a political purpose by the President United States and others. It's actually gripping reading as our former ambassador. Yeah Oven ovatch test to find. She learned of plans to get rid of her from quote people in the Ukrainian in government. WHO said the former prosecutor general was in communication with Mayor Giuliani and they had plans and that they were they were going to? Do you know do things things including to me she added. They told me I was. I really needed to watch my back. She also testified that when she asked former trump trump donor turned. EU Ambassador. Gordon Sunlen for advice on how to handle the attacks against her from Giuliani and trump allies. He quote said you know you need to go bigger go home you need to. You know tweet out there that you support. The President says a former foreign service official eventually called her at one in the morning to warn her quote. There was a lot of concern for me that I needed to be on the next plane home to Washington. She said I don't know. But this is about your security. You need to come home immediately late today. The president was asked what he knew about former ambassador. Graf Center which was the target of a smear campaign by the transcript descript. The president of Ukraine was not a fan of hers. Either I mean he did not exactly say slowing things. I'm sure she's a very fine woman I I just don't know much about her. Sorry for the multiple pronunciations yet on that July. Twenty fifth phone call with Ukraine's president trump said about the John Bassett or quote the former ambassador from the United States. The woman was bad news today. Four witnesses subpoenaed by House Democrats kratz including John Eisenberg. He's the lawyer to whom several White House officials reported their concerns about that Ukraine phone call all skipped their closed-door depositions sessions didn't show up. NBC News has learned that most of the witnesses scheduled to testify.

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