Would McDonald's have fired its CEO in the absence of #MeToo?


McDonald's firing of it's just C. E. O. over a consensual relationship with an employee shows a corporate shift amid the me too movement but also raises questions loyal universities Quinlan school of business professor Seth green says gone are the days when a CEO can ask out an employee like Microsoft's Bill Gates did with his now wife Melinda decades ago this question of how do you beat at work and what is that look like is an important question that is not fully resolved the applause McDonald's board of directors for holding CEO Steve Easterbrook to the same standards as others about relationships within the company but green notes the departure of the fast food giant's chief people officer also raises questions about enforcing the rules when it comes to the boss what's the role of that HR or other leader in the institution who guards the values to be able to report to the board in these cases Nancy hardy news radio one oh five point

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