The Curious Case of Lizzie Borden

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Early on the morning of August Fourth Eighteen Ninety two the Gordon House was alive with activity though the youngest daughter Lizzy borden slept in the made a respectable Irish immigrant by the name of Bridget Sullivan served breakfast to the Father Andrew and his wife abby the as usual the eldest borden daughter Emma was away visiting friends Lizzy borden an unmarried thirty two year rolled Sunday school teacher was the last to join her family coming downstairs after her uncle John Morris who had arrived unexpectedly for visit the day before left the house Lizzie borden decided against eating breakfast because she was like intermittent fasting or something or probably most most likely she just wasn't hungry that day either way after breakfast her father decided to go downtown in Fall River Massachusetts where they lived at around nine in the morning it would be the last time he left his home alive now the Bordon's were a prosperous the family and their father served on the boards of several banks while working as a commercial landlord in her husband's absence abby went upstairs upstairs to make the bed where Morse Liz uncle had slept the night before she would leave the room only one more time looking for fresh pillowcases meanwhile Andrew had returned home the made let him in and Lizzy came downstairs claiming that Mrs Borden had left the House after receiving a note saying that a friend was sick Lizzie and Emma always referred to abby their stepmother with whom they had an unfriendly relationship with as as Mrs Borden her father believed the story in retreated to his room where he would remain for only a few minutes before coming back downstairs stairs and settling on a sofa in the sitting room bridget the made express she wasn't feeling well that day and she went to rest in her room where she slept sure Puerta throwing up that morning perhaps from the flu that had travelled around the house days prior according to Bridget's testimony during Lizzie Lizzie borden's trial she only awoke when she heard Lizzie screaming that her father was dead Lizzie borden later said that she found her father dead sprawled sprawled out on the couch and covered in blood his face so badly disfigured that he was unrecognizable that's pretty intense uh that's a hate crime after the screaming bridget random fetch the doctor and a neighborhood friend of Lucy's but the commotion had attracted the attention of neighbors who summoned the police at this point Abbey's whereabouts were still unknown remember I told you that Lizzie said she was going to see a friend yes okay Lizzie borden told the gathering crowd of concerned neighbors the same story that she told her father other about her leaving to go see that friend was he also mentioned that her parents had been ill the previous days and that she suspected their milk had been unpoisoned okay that's not suspicious I mean really though who just lack my dad's dead but also I think they were poisoned because the milk was weird appeared exactly that's not realistic lizzy that seems like perfect timing after after returning with the local doctor named CBO in bridget checked for abby upstairs where she found her limp body lying face down in a pool of her own blood abby borden had been struck nineteen times with a hatchet Andrew had been hit eleven times with the same weapon one of of Andrews is had been cut in half and his nose had been completely severed from his face Abbie's blood was dark and congealed leading bow and believe that she had been killed I the county medical examiner Dr Dolan looked at the bodies ladies after Bowen later dulling would have both of the wardens stomachs removed and tested no evidence that the couple had been poisoned was ever found so that milk was fine at first the police did not suspect Lizzy borden I mean after all she was a spinster from respected well off family and lizzy swore to District Attorney Jose Knowlton that she was in the barn looking looking for a piece of iron when the attacks took place which let's go back to this hosea name it looks like host really does who spells Jose alike that I don't know it's H. O. S. A. I'm wondering if that's actually how you spell it and I've just been like ignorant odorant this whole time

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