Apple TV Plus early reviews: Are the new shows any good?

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This Friday apple will launch streaming service apple TV plus with four very expensive original shows the tech giant isn't the only big name marching into the streaming battlefield next month Disney will launch its own Perform Disney plus NBC HBO Both Have Plans to follow suit Friday TV critic Caroline Fram key check out apple's new series and she gave me her down road I've seen at least one episode of four shows launching the morning show See for all mankind Dickinson all of which have producers who have come from TV they're not totally new The morning show obviously features probably the busiest stars Reese Witherspoon Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston which is probably the biggest actor coup for any of the apple show's coming synthesis Jennifer Aniston's first regular TV role since friends good morning I'm bringing you some sad had upsetting news and while I don't know the details of the allegations to throw me under the bus Mitch Kessler my co host and partner of fifteen years was fired today you know see and for all mankind are both alternate history shows that I think is actually a very interesting see is as an alternate future in which almost all humans have lost the ability to see some say site was taken from them by God to heal the air for all mankind as an alternate history of what if the Soviet Union made it to the Moon I was about being first turns out the stakes are much bigger those are interesting concepts but what they do with it isn't particularly interest thing that was really striking to me in your views in an a two way you had with one of your other variety critics is that felt that they weren't daring that given what else is out there on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Amazon prime that they weren't willing to go the extra mile and actually take a risk yeah and I think that would obviously agree disagree with me I think the morning show particular feels like it did belong on network six years ago despite trying upbringing timely elements they obviously had to bring in some of me to Dickinson shirts trying for those who don't know Dickenson is about emily Dickinson but it's about her as a feisty teenager played by Hailee Steinfeld one purpose that is to become a great writer it definitely does a lot stylistically it has a lot of you know bass heavy rap music that comes in every so often is played by wiz Khalifa it's very cw in the vein of Riverdale but I do think looking at the four shows overall there's this weird sense I got that all these shows might have been more interesting if they came out five years ago you know they're all very shiny expensive versions of things I feel like we've seen before or that have been innovative previously but in twenty nineteen I don't know I feel like I need a little bit more from them to really stand out when there are so many shows if you were to step back and say this is clearly the market that apple is going after could you define what that audience might be I don't know that I can say that because I'm not sure apple can either think that this first of shows is a confusing one because all seem to be sort of going for a different audience Dickinson's kind of going for a CW teen thing for all mankind feels very AMC to me morning show I think I said my column feels sort of ABC CBS all access question mark and see is like a game of thrones got lost I I just don't know where what they were trying to do with the four of them combined I think feels like they were casting a wide net and it just feels like some of these shows are kind of splitting the difference in not playing it very safe they're not really taking aside and maybe that felt safer apple but it it's not very interesting TV no in one of the challenges for apple is they don't have the library that say Netflix or Disney plus has so they we are making almost a pure play on these shows and if they don't have a show that people have to watch the question is I guess would people spend five bucks a month just to watch Jennifer Aniston and that seems to be the proposition doesn't it the content library is a big part of streaming services and I feel like Apple has kind of underestimated that they to their credit are pricing it relatively low five dollars a month is definitely the lowest price by pretty wide margin for any of the streaming services right now though I believe that Disney plus will not be much more expensive and again they have all these movies all these other shows that will be available just for people to have so even if you're not interested in one of the original shows you you're probably gonNA subscribe so you can watch all the Disney stuff right and that's the issue right because even as people are cutting maybe their direct TV subscription or their cable subscription if you start doing ala carte pricing where you're getting Netflix Amazon prime you're getting Hulu Oh you're getting Disney plus a couple of bucks here pretty much your back to a hundred plus a month patch what would be the argument for subscribing to apple right now or maybe are there other shows that they're hoping will continue generating momentum and he you have to imagine it's the latter especially because they have been signing more and more overall deals with other creators or shows down the Line Affonso Koran recently assigned TV deal which I find very interesting Jason Kanaan's and Friday Night Lights signed an overall deal there and in general these overall deals for creators like Ryan Murphy if it can get people

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