Urquidy, Bregman lead Astros over Nats 8-1 to tie Series 2-2


By the way you we heard that World Series rejoined series tied at two Astros defeat the nats last night eight to one Alex Bregman with the grand slam the first third baseman to hit a grand slam in the World Series since nineteen sixty four there was a gut check when Forman now we got a best of three series of Towson I can't wait night cold shores Werner lander Strasbourg I mean this is setting up for the drama that we wanted it to be in the fall classic it is and I I think with the way it played out we were looking at it as starting pitching was going to rule the roost yeah and you know the nationals to come out of there are up to after playing in Houston I thought all right in now I think these guys both very lander and core really wanted to you get a little redemption back in there gonna get the opportunity which we don't know if they what yeah you felt like the nats after getting up to a two nothing lead in the series after hitting after getting by coal Inver later like a man this is we got this thing in for the Astros to say that's the worst two games that we can throw with those guys and now we're back in it and we got a little home field we're in in pretty

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