Fear vs. Intuition: How to Tell the Difference


Not to do something sometimes they feel the same but a flat stomach and I cannot separate them and Eve right hot and sexy tip is about to get Brian Hutton sexy up here. Yao All right. I am really excited to a queue because it's one of the common ones I get. I've got two strategies today to help view hone in on how to tell the difference between fear and intuition first one is this. You've got this question that you can ask yourself to tap into your natural knowing each us has a natural knowing. It's something like a body knowing kind of like your intuition and it's simple question and it goes like this when you think about doing the thing that you're talking about confused or scared to do it. Do you feel expansive or contracted. So Gray says she has no idea what the hell that means. Let's dive into what expansive mean so if you think about something and you feel expansive. It's kind of like your shoulders open up. Your chest opens up. You get really excited. Even if there's a little bit of fear involved. It feels like Oh my God. I really love to do that. There's kind of like a forward forward motion everything expanse now. Let's talk about contracted so that feeling if you think about doing the thing you're thinking about doing and all of a sudden you start to kind of pull. Dan Or your head starts to shake. No you start to feel a sense of dread or like God that feels like pulling teeth fast sense of contraction and that's how you know if it's detracted feeling that's your intuition or your gut telling you stay away. Honey do not go near that thing with a ten foot pole on the other hand. If you feel expansive and you still have some fear go for it. It's a good thing enough see now. She gets strategy number two. You want to kind abuse that same inner ability but this time you're going to pull in your friends and here's what I mean so as a coach I often work with people and they'll tell me about the projects that are coming up and I just watch them and it's really interesting because when people start to talk about their ideas and things that they WANNA do their body doesn't like Alexa cures my body never lies and when you hear someone talking about something that they really shouldn't do. They actually start to dead like they get pasty. They start to look depressed almost like their body language starts to pull in and then when people talk about something that they're really excited about that they should do even though it scares the crap out of them they light up like a gain. Christmas tree so here's implement this you gotta get some good friends around you and you. WanNa talk through the ideas or this opportunity that you're not sure if you should take or not and have have them really pay attention now. Of course it's important that these friends are honest that you trust them and that they actually care about you and I promise you talk through this and they'll be able to tell hot minute whether or not you should go for it just based on how your body and your face is reacting now finally leave with an awesome quote from my friend. Steven Spielberg eld who I interviewed yeah he has this awesome quote which set the more important project project is to your souls evolution. The more you'll resist it blew. Stephen Press feel awesome question gray. Thank you

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