You Don't Need a Website to Start a Business


What something technology line so. If you guys don't my boss to where I come from I have EH technology background crowds did my master's denied tea and worked in many years as an. It consultant to woking in selling. It's arrestees an architect solution architect interest so that was my main role for many many years walked has ten years. Here's pretty much in that space for big companies so in a compromise on background but this is something I really want to speak to you guys off doc in most businesses we speak to or I have the privilege to talk to that town. There I believe is that they needed technology to succeed feet. They believe that they need all the things that have the world. which are big businesses are using today. They need that they must. I have it to succeed and many companies out there. They make sure that that need ease. that want is created as need ride that Fontes converted as Neat Arto the companies out there do their best to make it happen as well so that you you feel it. It's it's not a wanted to need rights DAB. We run our media company. We help people were the technology technology with the marketing we do. We do all that for people right but I'm here to tell you something totally different today. Why see technology is really good for something if you amplify what so let me explain they see if you have twenty clients and you want to take the fifth declines. Technologies can help you make it happen but if you have all to clients or if you don't have any client technology amplify that as well means that if you don't have any clients you won't have any Glenn to after that as well just just that's the way it was so big. Knowledge is really good to amplify and take it to the next level but it's not really good to begin with people out there. Who if you are in a starting stage like few thinking of doing. Give you on example say we'd want in a business right but we have never spent time and effort. He window have a team of people to do the work for us. I've never overspent a time and effort to design our own website. We have funnels Doggett on. We have finals for everything. We're on Webinars AUSE. We don't events. We have all the finals we need but we don't have episode. Why would never spend time designing that we just put it one page. They ah that's been there for a long long time. We never spent any time putting together. Show today was a day where we actually put it something together. I GONNA team together that so he said okay. Let's put something together for us so that we now look like a proper business for our. Let's let's collect everything. Let's put it testimony. O'Neil's lead put the screen shots off the campaigns. We've been running. Let's put stuff out there. Let's explain that the people there was a day when we started doubted actually work on our website. I imagine this we are full fledged agency. Rodway we provide marketing service and we just started working on our website outside so this pretty much give you a clue that you don need a website to be successful. You do not need a huge technology stuff to be successful and the number one thing you looking to do is get some clients and get them the results. That's the number one thing if you go out out and find clients and give them the result and putting one hundred percent effort in getting them the results than looking for that's what you're looking for to begin with right so go go out there sub. Some people get them. The results get the testimony and then you're going to object to put all that's right so they don't do anything before that

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