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Getting Ahead With New Hire Employment Processes


Their time at the company was a wasted on Administrative. Yeah what I mean by that is of course we had to introduce them to other staffers and clients and things like that to show them where the bathroom was. You know just all the basic stuff but also one of the things that I had them do on that. First Day was fill fill out things like tax forms and it just takes a long time to fill out these tax forms and it was really just not a very good use of the new employees time or even my time till I walk them through it so what I decided to do. Was We have an on boarding process for new employees and we list out all the things that are supposed to happen between when we give someone an offer and when they show up on the very first day and even beyond that actually but as part of the process we now send them links to the different forms that they need to fill out so there is the I nine forum. There's the W. Four. I believe it is which is the federal income tax. I Dunno form like where you say. Oh how many independence you have and how much you want taken out in taxes. There's also the va form which is the same thing before the state level here in Virginia and there's a whole bunch of other forms like direct deposit what your bank account numbers and just all that stuff it all took two hours during their first day and it was totally totally unproductive so now we send them the links and they fill it out in advance and it's helped so much because they come in prepared before they didn't know what to do and so they wanna bring the right identification that it didn't have any forms photo because we didn't ask them fill out any forms and so half the day practically tactically. It was wasted doing this paperwork now they come in. They have the forms we tell them what identification to bring so we can copy it for the I nine and it just makes everything much more smooth on that very first day and gets them engaged in the work quicker. Which is why you want employees. You don't want one employee so that you fill out government forms so if you are hiring employees I would encourage you to do something similar to that. Send them what they need to fill out all that distribute in advance so when they walk through the door you can get the new work just a little bit quicker. Thank you for listening is time for new website.

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