Morales says he has every right to stand in election


The Bolivian president evo Morales is said he's every right to stand in any rerun of October's presidential election but will only do so if that is what his supporters wanted speaking from his exile in Mexico Mr moralis has indicated that fresh elections can go ahead without him but disputed remarks about him by Bolivia's interim president this moralis has said he wants to return to Bolivia with the government has continued to distance itself from its regional left wing allies will grunge opponents shortly after the interim president of Bolivia Ginny and yes said that have previous essay everyone that lives could face charges if he returned to Bolivia the exiled former president responded with characteristic defiance what charges can they bring against me electoral fraud he Austin an interview in Mexico City with the B. B. C. Spanish language service BBC model to administer the electoral commission he continued hearing that several members of that body with key opposition figures he also refused to the idea that he could be banned from any future

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