Leaked documents reveal details of China's Xinjiang detention camps for Muslims


A leak of Chinese government documents reveals Beijing has carried out a mass campaign of rounding up Uighurs another Muslim minorities in western China sending more than a million to detention camps in pairs Emily Fang reports the four hundred and three pages of documents were obtained and published by The New York Times the detail of president xi Jinping himself ordered a crackdown on Islamic cross the western region of Xinjiang after a series of rudimentary attacks by Uighur militants kill dozens among the documents leaked were speeches by sheet leader used by regional officials to justify a sweeping detention campaign up to one point five we are Muslims and other Muslim ethnic groups though the exact number remains a state secret other documents instructed Fishel's how to mollify distraught weaker students discover their parents have been disappeared they were told the relatives have been quote infected by the virus of Islamic radicalism and Lee Fang and pure news

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