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Time now for the interview of the week and we're going to talk in this week's interview section about E-bikes we get more questions about e bikes in pretty much anywhere we go everywhere we go we hear people talking to us about e bikes I guess is there just so darn much fun right we're seeing more and more e bikes yeah we've had them ours for almost two years now when we first started it was we didn't see any now pretty much every time we're in a camp ground we see them if we're meeting people at an RV show as we do throughout the year people who are now telling us hey we got We got bikes so what is an electric bike now our guest is going to be a friend of ours named Ty Collins Tie is the marketing director for Radd Power Bikes but this is not meant as a commercial and we're we're talking pretty much about electric bikes of all kinds you can get whatever you want but S. T. tied to come on 'cause I know tie well and their bikes are made in the USA they're they're from Seattle and it's been fun to watch the company grow is they've been our sponsor I think they now have one hundred sixty five employees tie was telling me and they only had like four four five or six when we start when they started with as a sponsor of this podcast so we appreciate their support but we also love their bikes and we both have of one and I thought it would be great to answer the questions from an expert rather than us giving you our opinion so I consider this a guide to what oh you need as an RV`er to get an e bike is an e by right for you our guest Tai Collins the marketing director of Rad Power six collins thank you first of all so much for being with us on the podcast we're delighted to have you with us as we've been talking about red par bikes for for years now the first time I think we've had you on yeah definitely yeah Mike and I thank you so much for having us any excuse to talk. Electric Bikes woke loudly take it now let's let's talk about them because as we notice every week we are seeing e bikes electric bikes more and more as we travel across North America oh let's let's sort of start as a primer I know a lot of our audiences either considering it or wondering now after seeing them if this is really what what they need maybe you can help answer some of the more common questions so let's start with just that question why our electric bike so popular today and and what do we need to know about them in terms of motors and how they work definitely will be a big question I think we can kind of boil down some of the key so you know why are you like so popular today I think now more than ever in the US people are really becoming familiar and aware of electric bikes and all the benefits that they have you know when we started up you know a handful a year is back when most people heard electric bike they being really understand the concept and most people thought well why would I need a motor it's a bicycle bicycles if our exercise and while you can use a bike for exercise we really do electric bikes as just an awesome form of personal transportation and on that form of transportation you can get as much or as little exercise as you want the vast majority of US spend a lot of time in the car in very very short trips and e bikes are amazing because they can really replace a lot of those trips that you would take a car on a bike now for someone that's in the RV community they're really just an amazing tool because number one you don't have to rely on to- car you don't have to bring a tow car at all if you don't want to and especially some of our more compact folding models you can actually use the man a lot of the you know cargo bays or cargo areas of your RV trailer fifth wheel what have you so kind of some of the big thanks to know about electric bikes at their core they really are just bicycle they're going to peddle the same you're going to apply the brakes the same way you're going to shift the same way what you're GonNa have the added benefit of the motor which is going to be powered by your battery pack so you can really get as much assistance or as little assistance as watts so if you really just need a little help on the big hills you WanNa ride like normal bike the rest of the time you can do that if you WanNa pretty much treat it like a moped or scooter you're in just to throttle you can do that as well so their popularity is really really increasing because people are realizing what you know a versatile form of bit of our e-bikes it would be fun they are Josh so much fun and when we give people rides Ach with ours and campgrounds and we always let them take take him out for a low one guy ran into a tree once with it that was his problem he wasn't looking going any convinced him he never he never knew how to ride a bike ever so but he ended up buying what but fun is the is the is the most important thing in the first thing I hear everybody this is so much fun but there are two elements that you mentioned let's kind of talk about there's one the motor and one the batteries what do we need to know about the motors is there a certain power setting that we should look for is there any legal restrictions on size of motor what what does the consumer need to know it so in the US the Federal Regulations Limit Electric Bikes that are street legal to seven hundred he wants which is going to be about one horsepower so to legally ride an electric bike on streets bike what's bike lanes things like that it's going to have a Max wattage of seven hundred fifty watts so typically power comes in two hundred and fifty watt increments so more commonly you'll find two hundred fifty watt five hundred watt or seven hundred and fifty watt all of those are going to be street legal you can take a where you can take a race dealer bicycle irregular pedal bicycle obviously but the higher the wattage more power you're GONNA get the more quickly celebrate on the easier time you're gonNA have going up hills so you really want to look for I think seven fifty if you can and that way you're sure you're going to be Hanover exactly so the benefit of seven hundred fifty watt motor is you're going to have the most essentially the most power you can get while maintaining kind of net street legal electric bike classification. If you're going to have power over that it's GonNa go into a new category where it's going to be considered eight moped essentially and you'll need license registration insurance and things like that but at seven hundred fifty watts you can treat it just like a regular bicycle is it just a lot easier I noticed it just recently the National Park Service has authorized the use of e bikes in their system there are still some places though where we do see signs that prohibit electric bikes is is that how how do people get away with that if there are street legal island and have the same category as a as a bicycle yes so where it does get a little bit tricky is the laws around electric bikes are still getting work you know they can differ on a federal state county and even city level so you announcement that electric bikes me legalized the national park system is a really amazing step towards what we're hoping more streamlined and kind of easier to follow around electric bike so there will still be some areas that will kind of you know choose to put their own their own you know rules in interpretation and spend on a on the laws but for the most part as long as you are seven hundred fifty watts or less and there's no specific call out about not being able to ride electric bikes you're typically going to be safe I say typically because Areas can differ but it's becoming you know so much easier to ride electric bikes than it used to be and is there more popular as e bike fans increases across the North America most municipalities are realizing that these are here to stay and I think that'll change let's go down to the batteries because those are motors are powered by a battle sorry and I guess as a electric bike rider myself the first thing Jennifer and I noticed is it is is basically silent you really don't hear the motor it's not like a motorcycle or even a scooter it's very very quiet saremi thing we should know about the noise jason then we'll get into the battery usage yes so just a he said it's pretty much going to be silent you know it's it's not like the two or forced broke motors used on motorcycles and scooters at all you're really just kind of here a small winding noise from the motor and because you're pulling off a higher average speed in traditional by you might hear a little more noise from the tires on the pavement than you're normally used to but other that it's going to be very very quiet you know there are a number of different types of motors in find on electric bikes so on the bikes that we produce your red power bikes all of our motors are going to be mounted in the rear hub of the wheel we chose to use that style of motor because it's going to give you a very very natural writing experience the power still going to be generated from the rear wheel it's a nice balance is a very smooth ride of those two types of there's we have one is known as what's called internally geared motor so actually going to have a gear system within it and the other one is going to be a direct drive motor just basically powered by a series of magnet direct drive motor is going to be the styling motor that's featured on about half of our bikes in fact the device that you have micro both GonNa Feature Director motor so that's GonNa be kind of quiet as option out of all the different electric bike motorcyles you're gonNA find basically it's a series of that pop power the bikers basically just one single movement part and because of that it's GonNa be a very very quiet ready experience which really just me aches the ride that much better oh you don't even know it's it's running you don't even hear it it's neat back to the batteries you do have to charge these how how far can you go into battery or how long does a battery charge last how long does it take typically charge the battery yeah all great questions so typically a completely dead battery is GonNa take about four or so hours to charge so not too long at all and once fully charged we give eighty real world estimation of between twenty five and forty five miles per charge so the main things that are going to influence that what are your level of assist so are you just getting a little gentle level of assistance or is motor doing the vast majority of the work for you what's the size of the writer obviously a one hundred pound writer versus a two hundred fifty pound writer or use a different level of juice and then a big one the level of terrain where you cruising on a flat paint surface or you're going down some you know pretty serious roles obviously the more hills you know more power it's GonNa use I myself the way I ride which is around the city Seattle which definitely has its fair share of hills I typically getting around forty miles per charge in my kind of just common everyday usage so it's it's quite a bit quite a bit longer than it seems in a you can really covers some some major ground on a single charge now unlike an electric car for sample you don't need any specific plug you just need I guess I've always said a thirty ample supply because that's what we have in our RV but I actually just plug mine into an outside thirty APP supply on my RV or at the pedestal and they charge up real quick there I've even charged them off my batteries Argonne cell phone you'll be set and you do have a gauge their that roughly let you know how much power you have so it's very easy I've never run out and we've gone forty fifty miles a day on sometimes I've never run a pretty pretty much just like you're in a finding a car with your gas gauge we're GonNa have a very similar style the bike and that's GonNa give you five five different bars to Kinda give you a feel for where where your battery level is at and you can really make sure you're not gonNA go out and get stranded without power you know Oh you know you never wanna get stranded without power because like I was saying earlier are at their core they really are just a standard bicycle you still are going to be able to make your way back if you do in fact run out of power just going to be a little bit heavier of a bike than you might be stu how how much do these bikes way yeah so depending on the model they're going to range about fifty eight or so up to around seventy pounds so we have some replacements are going to be quite a bit more robust but by design to really hold up the weight of passengers cargo things like that now one of the questions I get often asked is how is the best way to carry them on a hitch whether they should be covered or not I always have been on people it's the same as any bicycle care if your bike gets exposed to the elements is there more we have to worry about because of the I I would assume most people would travel at the batteries off but more we have to worry about with these first parts being exposed to the elements yes so by the way kind of level you said there about you wouldn't want to necessarily leave a traditional by out in the rain and that's kind of the exact verbiage that that will use you want to treat it like you would treat you know

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