Vitamines and Vitamins


In nineteen twelve a Polish biochemist Casimir funk published an article all about food substances that could prevent diseases such as Berry Berry and scurvy. FUNK's analysis showed that these disease preventing food substances might might be members of a family of chemicals called AAH means these substances were vital for a healthy diet so funk called them vital AAH means or vitamins vitamins spelled like vitamins but with an e at the end that was nineteen twelve by one thousand nine sixteen there was evidence that these disease preventing running food substances might not actually be what chemists call means the name vitamin was thrown out in favor of the names fat-soluble Hay hey and water soluble be only those two types were known at the time in one thousand nine hundred twenty another chemist wrote that the names fat soluble able a and water soluble B were unwieldy he suggested dropping the e from the old word vitamin and calling the substances ince's vitamins whatever the substances might turn out to be the name vitamin would

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