Boris Johnson heads for Brussels as Brexit deal hangs in the balance


The British prime minister Boris Johnson will travel to a crucial summit in E. U. leaders in Brussels like today as efforts continue to secure a brexit deal that could be improved in London British and the unique SEAT's were finalizing a legal text and it's understood that most outstanding issues have been resolved but reports suggested that democratic unionist MPs from Northern Ireland who support is crucial was still reticent his Kevin Connolly well two days of reports of the brakes it tool for making good progress the leaders will gather in Brussels hoping for history the bracing the bumps in the road there were rumors yesterday that the process is almost complete but the complications in London negotiations a Westminster have held things up the bridge that representative to the E. U. parliament kiva Hofstad that it was possible that a deal could be done at this summit I think the progress had been made possible because Boris Johnson had given ground Kevin Connelly reporting

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