Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate


The Democratic Party is trying to figure out who it is during these presidential primary debates the big it's the big highlights that you see we'll go through some of them it's all the Sniping Amy Klobuchar and Liz Warren and Kamala Harris get some shots in their Liz worn the people going after Elizabeth Warren then you've got booed edge in Baidoa going after each other and that's all very interesting the central fact of the debate is that Biden is falling apart his polling is collapsing his ability to stand on stage is collapsing Bernie Sanders had a heart attack a week and a half ago he seemed much much more lucid and vibrant and energetic than Joe Biden did and to our knowledge Joe Biden hasn't had any heart attacks this was all about your and he just he was saying things that didn't make a lot of sense he was kind of losing his train of thought he was pushing different analogies together it just didn't and buyer confidence that this is the guy at one point biden was explaining his economic plans and he said he was gonna he was gonNA stop people from clipping coupons in the stock market get what I've talked about is how you get things done and the way to get things done is take a look at the tax code right now the idea we have to start rewarding work just wealth I would eliminate the capital gains tax that would raise the capital gains tax to the highest rate of thirty nine point five percent I would double it because guess what why in God's name should someone who's clipping coupons in the stock market make in fact pay a lower tax rate than someone who in fact is like I said a schoolteacher and a firefighter it's ridiculous and they pay a lower tax so none of that is true nothing he said even comes close to approaching truth to be I don't even know how you judge the truth value of the statement clipping coupons in the stock market because people do not clear up coupons in this I guess they would be really just really good frugal stockbrokers if they clipped like if there were some coupon to get a better price on some mm some portion of a company doesn't make any sense I think what he was trying to say is people gambling in the stock market that's that's a frequent analogy you hear from the left and that it's unfair the people who are gambling are paying lower tax rate than their secretaries this is aligned Warren Buffett's used this line it just isn't true it is not true at all where does it come from it's because the capital gains tax rate is lower than the income tax rate for some people actually eat for people Oh who you know if you're talking about your secretary you're talking about the you know the janitor is paying more higher tax rate than the the stockbroker or the on manager of that perhaps isn't isn't true anyway even on the income tax rate but what happens is for a lot of people work in finance they get a salary but then they get most of their money as a bonus or in when you're talking about the millionaire billionaire class they're paying capital gains on the or paying capital gains taxes on their investment income so you're not even talking about bonuses you're not talking about income you talk about money that's in the market that's investments and then the money that you make out of those investments you pay a lower tax rate even on that that is money that has already been taxed at the corporate level so even that argument is not true but y the way this gets interpreted is that billionaires are paying less money in taxes than their secretaries that is never that's not even close to true the wealthy in this country pay virtually all of the taxes the top ten percent pay the vast majority of taxes in this country top one percent pay a lion share of taxes in this country I mean the half of the country doesn't pay any taxes at all in terms of federal income taxes so this whole argument is bogus the problem with Biden is not that he's making a bogus argument everybody was up there said he wasn't even making the argument well and he was confusing his words and then here's the knockout punch they brought up Ukraine Anderson Cooper brings up Ukraine and Joe Biden incredibly lies on camera again and says he never discussed Ukraine with us President Yeah as you've said your son Hunter today gave an interview admitted that he made a mistake and showed poor judgment by serving on the board in Ukraine and did you make a mistake by letting him you're the point person on Ukraine at the time if you can answer book my son statement speaks for itself I did my job never discussed a single thing with my son about anything having to do with their crane known is indicated I have we've always kept everything separate even when my son was the attorney general of the state works we never discussed the there'd be no potential conflict okay there's a lot of confusion here first of all he says he's doubling down on a statement that he made that no one his ever suggested that Joe Biden talked with Ukraine or talked with his son about Ukraine and there's no evidence of that at all the trouble is someone has suggested that the person who suggested that was Hunter Biden in a New Yorker profile in July and he actually reiterated that statement on good morning Arca on ABC News two days ago did you and your father ever discuss you know as I said only time was after news count it wasn't a discussion in any way there's no to this no we never did what hold on hold on you say did you ever discuss Ukraine he goes no just one time there was one time we I'll shoot they told me not to say that no there's no but we didn't we wasn't even a discussion sure we said something he said something we were talking about it but that's not I wouldn't call that a discussion it was more of a discourse it was more of a Colo Que- it was next question place past next question Joe Biden even in his answer by the way he says we never talked about Ukraine even when my son was the attorney general of Delaware that's not the sun we're talking about joe his Sun Beau Biden his late son Bo Biden was the attorney general of Delaware the son who was on the Ukrainian Energy Board was Hunter Biden and hundred says he did talk about it and Hunter Biden goes on because good morning America their credit actually pushed him on it. There's an old saying you didn't talk about it then you're saying you did talk about it by the way what were you doing on the board in the first place that I hope you know what you're doing doing I said I do and that was literally the discussion why because my dad was vice president United States there's literally nothing as young man or as a full grown adult that my father in some way has not influence over as it does not serve either one of us when he said I hope you know what you're doing what did he think you were doing well he read the press reports that I joined the board of reasonable which was eight Ukrainian natural gas company and there's been a lot of misinformation Shen about me not about my dad nobody buys at but advises idea that I was unqualified to be on the board what were your qualifications to be on the border berries I was sharing with the board Amtrak for five years I was the chairman of the board of the UN World Food Program I was a lawyer for boies Schiller flexner one of the most prestigious law firms in the world didn't have any extensive knowledge about natural gas or Ukraine itself though no but I think that I had as much as anybody else that was on the board for yeah this is this is not going well for Hunter Biden because he's right he probably didn't have any less knowledge than anyone else on the board this is a crooked board that's what really anti boards are certainly an oligarch countries like Ukraine when and corrupt countries like Ukraine they say what previous experience did you have what qualified you to be on the board of this Ukrainian energy company while you're while your father was vice president as well I was on the board of Amtrak you know that other company that has a relationship to the federal government that my father famously travels on so much that they call him Amtrak Joe Yeah it was on that so what are you calling me a nepotistic for and before that I was on another board and hey look I did have one real job I worked for boies Schiller which is maybe the most famous democratic lobbying law firm in the country okay all right doesn't acquit himself very well here so biden collapses on stage in real time two ways to respond to this for the Democratic Party and for the candidates they can either remain hardline progressives or they can try to take Bernie Haddens place in the moderate lane because the moderate lane now is falling apart so there is an opening here I was wondering I thought why on Earth was the Lgbtq townhall on Friday what was the purpose of this and then it occurred to me people were tweeting about this they had that LGBTQ crazy town town all on Friday because then it allowed the Democrats to look more moderate at this debate just a week later less than a week later while we're having to discuss any of the LGBT issues in the pronouns and the genders so there was a real opening and I think the Democratic Party tried to try to make sure it looked in opening four moderate now some candidates can't take that Bernie Sanders is never going to be a moderate he went full bore leftist last night he said on the collectivist issue Parekh Salon climate change you said it's the greatest threat that the planet has ever faced this planet faces the greatest threat in its history from climate change and the green new deal that I have advocated will create up to twenty million jobs as we move away from fossil fuel energy efficiency and sustainable energy all right the weather which may or may not increase in temperatures slightly a little bit over the next century he is the greatest threat the planet has ever faced says Bernie Sanders the man who probably never heard of the Cretaceous Paleo gene mass extinction event three quarters of it wiped out he probably hasn't heard of that one so he's just it's a little historical ignorance for him that's the far left that's about as far left as you go with Bernie Sanders Baidoa Rourke so trying to play into that left Lane Betas campaign is falling apart I mean there's pretty much no reason should be at this debate anymore and so he's he's been trying to signal that he's as left as they come over the past few months this is after a career where he played himself off mostly as a moderate in Congress and so he obviously doesn't believe in anything but he felt leftism was going to bring them all the way it looks like that's not gonna work so he's one last tries going to say that we're going to undermine the second amendment he's GonNa take away all your guns go door to door take them all away how exactly are you going to force people to give up their weapons you don't even know who has those weapons look we're GonNa make sure the the priority is saving the lives of our fellow Americans I think almost everyone on this stage agrees that it's not right and as president would seek to ban the sale of fifteens and AK47's those are weapons of war they were designed to kill people effectively efficiently on a battlefield to be clear exactly how are you going to take away

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