This week's Trump impeachment inquiry developments


Or president trump says a whistleblower complaint over his contact with the leader of Ukraine was improperly filed because the documents based on secondhand information A. B. C.'s David Wright at the White House is a new development could undermine that argument after reports that a second whistleblower is coming forward to corroborate the initial complaint against president trump the White House is pushing back it doesn't matter how many people decide to call themselves whistle blowers about the same telephone call a call the president already made public the press secretary said it doesn't change the fact that he has done nothing wrong and she says the White House doesn't intend to come cooperate unless a formal vote to begin the inquiry is held constitutional law expert an ABC news contributor Kate Shaw says impeachment does not have to involve a criminal I think that impeachment is really about abuse of authority right political misconduct and so I think the house would be well served to focus on that as opposed to getting caught up in these debates about quid pro quo show on

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