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NFL: Sunday Night Football Recap



Some interesting results pain. Every dog has its day and apparently sports books were able to buy back with their biggest Sunday of the football season thus far yeah tell you didn't capitalize while enough on that not the best. Sunday in it was it was a mess one one of those ones where you go through the car and you're like man I like this. I like this when I like this and they just don't make the cut and left a lot of money on the table and makes two of us. Is You watching coaching. We mentioned some of the bigger results clearly housing you root for the buffalo bills they get to the window at the Detroit lions as well as home underdogs and then of course Sunday night football we see the New Orleans Saints Cover Ver- as modest two to two and a half point underdogs but all that aside pain when you watched all the Games yesterday you went through some of the box scores and everything else as we do Monday mornings the good the bad and the ugly what stood out to you as some of the positive takeaways at least a quarter point of the season. Let's go the guy that constantly gets crapped on Jameis Winston. I thought he was fantastic. Obviously again needs to clean up. The mistakes still had the the massive brain fart late in the game which can happen but I think if you ask Bruce Arians eat like hey if Janus has like one w t.f moment every game. Would you take that I think the answer is probably probably s you know and aside from that one throw again. James was fantastic at the sixth deepest average intended air yards per throw in with that his completion completion percentage with four and a half percent better than expectation. He was accurate. WHO's officiant hit explosive plays your move that one pass and it probably was his best performance says a pro I think and when you look at geniuses performance clearly we know he's been surrounded by weapons. Tampa looks to speak figuring it out as far as they're running back situation relation that performance kind of the tip of the iceberg that we should have some optimism for James over the next twelve games I would think so right and we kind of came into the season and said hey this is is an interesting fit here with James who likes to be aggressive and head coach that likes to be aggressive if they can tone down the turnovers the offense has a real shot here and so when you're looking at this team two and two they blew the giants game missed field goal and I know a lot of the naysayers were saying something to the effect of they didn't trust James late so they ran the ball. Allah meanwhile there's an explosive town fields which to my Gavin's which set him up in the position to kick the game winning field goal so I viewed it a little bit differently early. I thought Tampa was going to be a team. That was going to impress the one team. No one was talking about in the off season right all of these changes at head coach and coordinators gators that were happening throughout the league. This was the one this was probably the biggest acquisition when you can bring in a Bruce Arians when he can add todd bowles to his defense who is the one that wasn't being discussed a lot about and I know in the off season. The win total was set at six. There's a reason it went up to six and a half. There wasn't sharp money but it wasn't talked about because they were still projected. It'd be one of the worst teams in their own division but I really liked what I'm seeing from Tampa right now. The ground games get going especially Ronald Jones the last two weeks as well. That's been a benefit and helped the offense to make a good balance but as long as James doesn't turn it over the scheme the style and the weapons are there for him to be

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