Interviewing Kieran Culkin from the Show 'Succession'


I'm thrilled to have Kieran Culkin right here in this chair this one yeah. You've got a couple of people from the show L. in this chair. Haven't you yeah Brian had Nick Brown Bron. I if I had my way I have. Everybody should just bring them all work their way the way where are you gonna go. Here's here's the one who had the Golden Globe nomination. That's true. Did you Robin Thicke. It faces yeah. They were all so mean. They helped me down and kick me in the each one. Just wondering how that happens when you're on a show and then somebody get singled out do they just not mention it or do they say congratulations. Oh they all say congratulations and then. I'm taking off the box like who hasn't said it yet at six. PM Kim Jeremy Strong whereas my congratulations but they could say it in a certain way because none of that none of that none of nobody. It's just good if things happen grace happy if there's like nominations that come in great if they don't great job great like yeah. I think everybody's having a really great time doing it and it's also the kind of show that just feels really collaborative feels like everybody's making this thing so when something like that that happens like the Golden Globe thing happened. It really didn't feel like it was a meeting. It felt like Oh cool. The show got thing and I think that's me trying to be like I didn't and get an emmy nomination but I kind of did because we all we all did. It's all there. You sounded like you had years of therapy when you said that it was just a look I'm still searching for therapists found yeah well. You are from one of the most functional families on television. This is definitely the Roy's or the Kokin okay there's no. I don't know you'd be the best judge who is worse. what's a functional family. They just haven't seen one yeah. I don't know they're all might have moments of functionality but we don't yes and I think with this show. It's a bit like they're not more or less kind of with all their power and money and all that stuff they're still just like like the rest of us equally is thank you can say any. I just wanted to say that you came in saying it sounds rhythmic and melodic coming from Your Lips. It's just incredible but I need the money in Jilin and to set this up because there are still some people that haven't seen succession what I don't talk to them saying they haven't seen it. They're behind behind on season one but now season two comes season one had gotten you know a lot of attention but now people are watching it more. It's got five five emmy nominations including best series so I'm sure your heads are even more huge and yeah you never before amazing racing with the biggest thing ever game of what people see you on the street. Do they recognize you now as Roman. Yeah I've gotten a few of those. and mostly people call me. That's actually happened a lot and it's not it's like I feel like they almost feel like you know Wallace Shawn Being People Oh yelling inconceivable at him when he walks on the street one thinks and they're like the first one to do that right like that. Show you're like. I know that's the show I mean. I realize I don't know but the the guy sure is high saw somebody mistake someone for you and rory said to his it could have been right yeah. I don't think so I would have known and they said there's no succession and I thought again. One of the great great compliment would be new. I haven't heard that one. I feel like they said no you the past when you were hailing a cab today. There's there's Mike that was great but his insults are just golden. They're just wonderful. When Roman says something to you. Yeah it's pretty great just no filter whatever comes comes to the brain and he handled the brother who is going through so many traumas and and is in Rehab and everything is happening and you know he's unshaved unshaved candle. He's looks like this do you help them to create these There's like okay so they write. It and it's pretty horrible. Some of the things things that Roman has to say and then some of the other writers they start throwing alternative lines out there and to my mind I think they would deny this but they get a little competitive with each other about like who can come up with the most horrible thing and then I want to play the game and I like throwing my horrible things that I can say from looking at what the guy dressed and stuff so sometimes. I don't like to let like if I'm insulting the actor. I don't like to let them know when it's mine and when it's there's sometimes if it's too insulting on Mike that wasn't me that we're not. GonNa use uh-huh well good goals. Try to make the extra go along because I have so many questions and I don't WanNa be too inside baseball just because the show's not what about me and it should be what I'm interested in yourself but yes it should but didn't allow but we should see a clip of you so so let's see here. He is Kieran Galkin in succession season two so you're not using. That's me that's me I recognize I yeah yeah look at that your idea to just sit on the yeah. I improvised that sitting up there. How cool probably with the glove in on the water just went right up. Stay saying that it's interesting because but those of you I haven't watched it yet the PEOP- The kids in this family this whatever it is it is an empire. I guess it is all want to take daddy's place place sure what's the case. You can make for Roman don't you. I think in a way he's sort of the most like his dad. which you know. I think that a lot of times makes really quick decisions and sort of just goes with gut sometimes and can be a real Pani. Ask kind of scary and I think Roman has that thing where sometimes if you know you get his attention. He's GonNa rip any. You and it can be a little scary so I don't know. I think there's a case for him. I thank you know he's done but he's smart. I think he knows how to basically a situation to his advantage and his advantages the companies then you know hearing you have this career. I mean everybody remembers you and your brother and home alone and we see that and that was just child actor stuff but I remember you most from Igby. It goes down and I saw that movie. I love the whole movie but what you didn't it was just amazing. Well thank you seemed to disappear yeah what what thousand to two thousand and two then where is he. What did you did dropped off the map kind of did like a bit of a freak out that movie came out when I was twenty and I kind of remember there were like some projects lighting up that I was suddenly being offered offered instead of auditioning for and that was a strange thing and I can't remember who but somebody used the word career and now I have a career. I found myself like twenty. I'm doing it for like fourteen years and never once made that decision for myself and I was like I don't. I never even questioned if this is something I want to do and I kinda just looked out and I think learned that a lot of people around that age kind of freak out about what they wanna do with their lives. I was just already kind of doing it but having having that same freak out at the same time but you're living it I mean because McCauley's started it in your family right. We actually started around the same thing yeah but his his success in home alone and I think the thing with that too is when I've always said that. If you get to witness or experience fame fame like that secondhand you would never pursue it. I don't think that's a nice thing like that's not exactly a nice thing that happened to him. At the age of not not in it wasn't nice for him to walk down the street and people like chase him and stuff. That wasn't that Nice so I'm if I'm sort of figuring this out now in real time. Maybe you're my founded charge anytime. You're great but it's that. I think if I started to find if I'm fit go back now and think about it when I was twenty. I started finding myself to be a little successful in things. We're coming probably had a bit of a panic. Let's roll this back when he tried to get some control over it because I've seen it. Get completely out of control with like a child what was happening in your family. You brought that up before who was saying to all of view you should act. You should be in this well. My father was an actor before I think he actually comes from a family of actors or performers of some kind of sort of like you know glass family type thing I think him and his three siblings all did some to some extent kids and then if I'm remembering correctly and sometimes times again information wrong like the are some neighbors ran over the stage managers of the theater nearby in the neighborhood so I think it got to a point was I was like. Oh we need a kid. I show my neighbor's got seven of them name of sex and age we got take here yeah and my father then kind of pushed that he like took headshots of us in like. I think it was like Rupert Park in New York and sent us on auditions and stuff and it actually kind of happened pretty quickly. You weren't born scarred by the family experience. No I just think it's like not a good relationship with dad no not with that but not not for that reason. He wasn't a good person overall but for that that kind of stuff. I think that was okay. I think at least my experience I actually can't really talk about what the siblings I think. It's funny is growing up at the family. You seven in all seven of us have living in the same place but having very different experiences

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