Island of the Idols Episode 2 Recap


All right so I'm very excited to be back with. You live here tonight. Let's talk about episode episode number two. I really enjoyed this episode that this was a lot of fun tonight. Steven yeah this was great. I it was a great cast. It's a really great cast on growth as as has down as I was on the island of the idols premise. It's so fun and like a kind of a campy way but it's it's a fun can't be what okay all right so. We're going to talk about that and much more here tonight. As we kick off your survivor week. I love an exit interview with Molly tomorrow morning. It'll be on the lookout exit interviews back back. Bradley is going to be here in the studio. We'll get into a feedback show with your friend of Mine Shannon Gates this week oh well and plus the wiggle room and this week and survivor ever all coming up here on the podcast not to mention what's happening on the BNB and why Imali lost all here on ROB's website dot com but Stephen. I I want to start. Dr With a quiz told you this whole time was going to be a quiz Steven. If you're paying attention I definitely was not paying attention. Where will who is going to be on the feedback. Show now who Stephen Jair yesterday right where were you should have held out a AH. Where were we five years ago tonight. Stephen like in our lives like emotionally. Yes state eight of agitation. I probably but tonight five years ago tonight October. Second Twenty fourteen was the first I ever live know it alls us in a state of agitate yeah you and I were in the basement of the Gotham Comedy Club with seventy five of our closest assist friends. We couldn't believe seventy. Five people came out to see us. We watched Val Collins. Find to idols on redemption should island or on exile island before she was voted out and Stephen could you could you believe it five years ago tonight. I can't believe we're still bill France. That was a scary episode for me later because you know we were we made so much fun of valid time and who's now like one of my great friends. I was was terrified going back to play with Jeremy that he would never forgive me for for having mocked his wife what a fun night that was. I was very very very nervous obviously missile in advance of of that yeah who can and now it's like we can like then we sold seventy five tickets now so we can sell eighty ninety tickets like we've we've It's gotten so big okay so he was five years ago. Tonight's Fund October Second Twenty Fourteen and I've seen some pictures today in our patron group of people that were there that first night that the original seventy yeah that's who can. I get invited to that group. I would like to be part of that yeah. I think that we could talk about that. Let's talk about offline. Okay all right so steven we should talk about this big vote and I kind of thought a weekend the bait and switch did they dangle all this molly vote off in front of us and then here. I go hook line and sinker but a big move a big blindside at the Second Travel Council yeah and I'm really curious to talk about it with you because I couldn't decide like is this like obviously every every site is good for some people bad for other people but like from from those kinds of people in the middle from the Kelly's in the Tommy's of the world like is this the right decision or is this just sort of the excitement of a big move who've early yeah I side with. I think it might be the excitement of a big move early. I mean it was exciting for me. I I loved it. I wonder if if the people that were in the middle might have had a little bit of the big move by the way Hashtag Rha. If you WANNA get your questions here live into the show show so yeah Stephen. I feel like that who specifically do you think might have been just caught up in the excitement. I mean I think we we can you know I think the the shows sort of presented us these like this. You know when when Tommy heard about it he was like Whoa Whoa hold the phone I don't Wanna I don't WanNa do that. Necessarily and I'm sure there was a lot of thinking that ultimately and probably many conversations that ultimately went into the his his decision in it you know they presented as do I go after I could go right. You know of course horse. There's many more subtle interplay in conversation that goes into it but I kind of think. It seems to me no brainer in that in that situation you've Jason Jason like Jason is like you know no reason Nora but I mean I say this with respect for Jason and you know love for my d'appel nerd out there who has so many great lines and I just feel like that. Don't know dancing like this. This is Fort Lewis as villas yeah. It was so fantastic by just a no brainer enter to get rid of that guy now yeah because I think that the people that we saw talking about this. It seemed like that Lauren was the ringleader of the the Let's let's take out molly here so that molly is the person who she's the new poverty we have to get get rid of. Mali early and it seemed like that she was the person who really got the momentum going we saw her talking with Janet ultimately with Kelly and with Tommy as well and they were able to get nor Jason onboard but it didn't seem like that Nora and Jason were people that were they were particularly close to. It seemed like it was more of a shot across the bow of that three. Eh of Jamal and Jack and molly and it did seem to Lawrence credit sheets. It seemed like she was like well. If I do this now I can pull in Nora and Jason Right like these are people like why get rid of these people when these are people I can use and work with later and that's pretty valid. You know if you don't feel like you're empower or in control of what's happening and any of these three people who think that they're running things and then over here like you're like Oh. I can like forge bonds and build build a relationship where these people are. GonNa really value me simply because I've saved them here whereas those people like they don't seem to value me at all you know like those people are treating me like I'm a number. They're telling me where to vote. I mean you had that great conversation with Kellyanne and Lauren and Janet where they're like. Oh so what do we do in a bright before. Lauren proposed the plan or what are we doing guys. Nicole and we're like we've received our orders. You know we are told us with the votes you. There was no sense of like conversation between them decision making between them. It was more like the bosses have told us what to do and we must do that thing so you know to the sense that like you want to play okay with people who value your perspective you. WanNa play with people who are GonNa look to you and ask you questions. I see the idea of of a of sacrificing. I sing of sacrificing molly to keep to keep Jason and Nora but it also is this is gonNA cause a lot of dissension within the tribe right like getting rid rid of Jason like Nora's North got nowhere to go but voting out molly now you know Jamal. You know that Jack are going to be really really really betrayed in the way that on the other tribe we we saw Aaron Aaron. Yes here in bay feeling very betrayed. Okay yeah so he he definitely wants to open up the episode. So where do you think this goes from here. Here can Jamal Jack rebound against the forces that ended up taking out molly at this with this sort of just like a one time shot across the Dow now and then they turn back around and go after a Jason or Nora at the next vote yea I mean it seems like a tough one because it doesn't seem like a cohesive group really came together in the way that last or certainly we didn't see the narrative of like you know. This is a really tight for some now. It wasn't it wasn't like you think think oh now. Kelly Janet. Lauren and Tommy are going to go together for you know moving in the way that on on the other tribe we saw we the women's Allianz Forum. We saw Vince Elaine and Tom Form so yeah I mean I I. It seems like the Purple tribe is is a lot more

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