Remembering Trainer Bobby Frankel


Who had a chance to to meet late probably frankly he had a very rough exterior but he absolutely the teddy bear description I if you bobby liked you it was probably nothing he wouldn't do for you but you Kinda had to break through the the crushed on the top I but he had a heart gold and he sincerely loved his animals and the he absolutely loved the people that work for them there were people that were bobby Franco who you know basically stayed there forever because bobby was sold warrior was on employees and took care of them that they had no reason to want to leave he was just a superb horseman super person and I was very happy to get to know Bobby Frankel on real positive basis absolutely another one and I got the same I've got the same story and I had the advantage of Siaka introducing US and and Lula's narrow and there there were a bunch of people the dotty and Gordo here there were I already had had a relationship with a lot of people that he was very close to so it was easy to have an entree that way but you know he's another and and I you know we had conversations on the air but I would also call Frankel off the air ask him for insights and you know on topics that were a lot of a lot of cases a topics that you know I I was grappling with understanding about you know about the game or or you know trying to formulate opinions medication issues and so forth and you didn't have to worry that that Bobby Frankel wasn't going to give you the you know that he wasn't gonNA shoot from the APP going to give you the gut reaction level the best the best story ever I wish it's too bad that asking is traveling we we were sitting we were having there was a big group dinner I bring this up with ask it every chance a group dinner at the Novi and still Sergio's at the time the Louis Louise at one end of the abol the Angel Cordero was there and they were all there's a whole by those big mix of people and Steve and Joan and and bobby and I can't remember Frankel was sitting across from or next to me I think across from me I think casket was next to me and we were talking we were talking about the election about the election and this would have been this would have been something with with Rob Haskins comes out with how he's voting for Romney and Franken Frankel looked at it said you gotta be the worst it's W. I'll never if people would be surprised but maybe but Frankel was was very very liberal and progressive and I don't ever ever forget that the world's top is Joe for that more I was the greatest great story I I was excited to see that site of bobby as far as politics concerned but it's really interesting to hear too

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