Boris Johnson faces backlash over extreme language.


Coming up on the nears Prime Minister Johnson Faces Backlash over confrontational language Whitehouse tried to lock down Ukraine code details and whistle blower who exposed HIV scandal in China dies. It's Thursday September. Twenty thinks I'm Anthony Davis a British. MP's he's accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of whipping up anger and division with his charge language about opponents of Brexit's and the Speaker of the House of Commons pleaded for an end to the toxic political atmosphere in a raucous ill-tempered parliamentary debates yesterday Johnson characterized opposition law ordering a brexit delay as the surrender act and the humiliation bill and said postponing the country's departure would betray British voters. He will say brushed off concerns that he's forceful language guage might endanger legislators as humbug opponents accused the prime minister of fermenting violence and hatred with his populist people versus politician's rhetoric some. MP's won't Johnson to be more cautious citing the two thousand sixteen killing of MP Joe Cox. The Labor member. We're of parliament was shot and stabbed a week before Britain's E. U. membership referendum by a far-right attackers shouting death to traitors Johnson was also so criticized by Cox's widower Brendan Cox who said he felt a bit sick at the way her name was being used Boris Johnson maintains. He's he's one hundred percent loss record as PM after MP's voted today to reject emotion to shutdown parliament so that conservatives could attend their annual. You will come from the whistle. Blower complained to the center of Congress is impeachment inquiry alleges that Donald Trump abused the power of his office from a foreign country in next year's. U S election the White House then tried to lock down the information information to cover it up the complaint says the nine page document released today fleshes out the circumstances of summertime phone call in which trump encouraged Ukraine counterpart to help investigate a political rival alleges essential role for one of the president's personal lawyers and suggests a concerted White House effort effort to suppress the exact transcript including by relocating to a separate computer system with its precise detail and clear narrative the document will likely accelerate the impeachment process and put more pressure on trump to rebut its core contentions and on his fellow Republicans to to defend him a whistle blower who exposed HIV and hepatitis epidemics in central China in the ninety. s potentially saving thousands of lives has died aged fifty nine doctors shuping. Wang lost her job was attacked and had her clinic vandalized after she spoke out she died in Utah in the US where she moved after the scandal a play inspired by her life is currently running in London Brandin with the playwright calling her a public health hero Dr Wang never returned to China after leaving saying it did not feel safe in nineteen ninety-one in the Chinese province of Henan. Dr Wang was assigned to work at a plasma collection station at the time. Many local sold their blood to local government run blood banks. It wasn't long before she realized the station posed a huge public health risk poor collection practices including cross-contamination blood drawing many doctors will being infected infected with Hepatitis C from their donors. She warned senior colleagues at the station to change practices but was ignored and according to her own account was told that such a move if would increase costs undeterred she reported the issue to the Ministry of Health as a result the ministry later announced that all donors would need to undergo hepatitis to see screening reducing the risk of disease being spread but in nineteen ninety five. She uncovered another scandal. Dr Wang discovered a donor who tested HIV HIV positive but had still sold blood in four different areas. She immediately alerted her seniors to test for HIV. In all of the blood stations in Henan Province again she was told this would be too costly. She decided to take things into her own hands buying test kits and randomly collecting over four hundred hundred samples from donors she found the HIV positive rate to be thirteen percent. She took her results to officials in the capital. Beijing in Nineteen ninety-six sakes all the blood and plasma collection sites across the country was shut down for rectification when they reopened. HIV testing was added DOC to Wang died on September twenty first while hiking in Salt Lake City with her friends and her husband by has signed a You can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast APP. Ask Your Smart Speaker or enable the news as your the Amazon Alexa Flash briefing skill follow us on twitter at the news underscore podcast. The news is an independent production covering politics six inequality health and climate delivering honest verified and truthful World News daily.

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