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Out to main street heading out Davis. Westbound eighty is about eleven minutes Tomase boulevard, and we do have very slow traffic. Coming other way, right now starting just after north out one thirteen going. All the way past the causeway, but not to the split that far yet the sewer system is probably the last thing on your mind, but at the Sacramento area sewer district and their first priority, the region's largest sewer utility sewer problems. Call them first day or night at nine one six eight seven five sixty seven thirty learn more at sex who were dot com. Traffic on the tens every ten minutes. Mornings and afternoons. Dana has news ninety three point one k M K. Going to be clear tonight with a low around fifty five tomorrow sunny with a high around eighty five Saturday, abundant sunshine, eighty one it'll be sunny and eighty four on Sunday seventy six now in Stockton, sixty one in Truckee and seventy three at news ninety three point one k f k video Neil and Mike Hagerty on our K K afternoon news, we continued Kelly brothers from Genevieve's referred and brothers. Checking your money news. They started Harry's about nine years ago. Two guys named Andy Katz Mayfield, and Jeff Reiter, the whole idea was the alternative to the big shaving business. However now they've sold out to the big shaving business edge, well, which owns Schick and Wilkinson razor brands as well as Hawaiian tropic announcing it's going to by Harry's for one point three seven billion in stock and cash in case, you're wondering the two people who founded Harry's are now going to become the co presidents of EJ wells American operations, giving them a bigger bigger role. Role in that business. Overall market today, lower Uber price, by the way at forty five dollars a share for when it goes public tomorrow and the market was lower today on ongoing concerns about US China trade final numbers Dow down one thirty nine twenty five eight twenty eight NASDAQ down thirty two seventy nine ten the SNP down eight gold up four twelve eighty-five five announce ten year bond yield two point four five percent. Thank you Kelly five twenty three. They broke ground today for new Rayleigh supermarket and land park it'll serve as the anchor store for a new shopping center the store at freeport boulevard and Wentworth avenue is set to open next year or replace an existing store.

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