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Estate taxes stepped up basis. The one nine nine as small business deduction and like kind exchanges the letter says quote the policies congress enacts now will determine agricultural producers ability to secure affordable land to start or expand their operations regardless of whether a business has already been passed down through multiple generations or just beginning the key to their longevity is a continued ability to transition when a family member or business partner dies and quote for this reason. The group's firmly believe the current federal estate tax code provision must be maintained. These tools are as crucial as ever because the number of farmers and ranchers sixty five and over outnumbers. Those under thirty five by four to one over three hundred seventy million acres of land will change hands in the next two decades and also here on american and today the national board producers council called on congress to include language to expand the existing h two a visa to year round laborers in a budget reconciliation. Bill set to get voted on monday in the house. Like many sectors of the economy of the us pork industry is faced with a severe labour shortage but even before in nineteen. The industry was having trouble filling jobs situation. Generally attributable to urbanization and an ageing rural population tight labor market prompted the pork sector to rely on foreign born workers n. p. p. president gen sorts and said quote. The us pork industry is highly dependent on foreign born workers but kurt visa programs don't provide access to enough workers to meet the labor needs on our farms and impacting plants. We need a dedicated year. Round workforce and quote the group wants lawmakers to open the current h to a temporary and seasonal worker visa program to year round labor without a limit on the annual number of visas and to provide legal status for agricultural workers already in the country legislation approved earlier. This year in the house would expand the program to year round workers but cap the number of visas that can get issued each year. And this has been another edition of american today produced by the american league network. I'm jesse allen wishing you a great day.

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