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Still feel tension. I still feel stressed out. I still feel like the world is just a really, really weird place. So you know, right? Sorry. I'm working towards a point here, man. I believe it. So given that That I I don't have a business. It's about to crater he does you could and I still feel stress. You can only imagine what this guy's. That was me once again going really, really long to make a very small point. Francine Leander Good morning, Fred. I've done prayer. Good morning, Tom, don. Hey. Very tired. I want to just join your number. Join your army. Trump's not going anywhere. The executive order in 2018 lays the groundwork for that. Uh, the fact that he Did not concede says a lot. There's a lot of things that are that he has options to work with. Under these circumstances, so Yep, all the Patriots just be well encouraged. Trump ain't going nowhere. We need to all dig in and study that Executive emergency order and 2018 and see what that says and what he is using. And also, there's a really great Web site X 22 report dot com. That great gives great information. Got you, man. Thank you, friend. I appreciate that now. White House press Secretary Kaylie McHenry. She was on Fox just a few minutes ago. I'm talking about the possibility of Trump running for a second term in 2024 still focused on 2020 by 2024. But he's the leader of this movement. No matter matter what happens in 2020 2024 there is there is there for his taking his basis strong. They're not going away. The forgotten men and women are forgot no longer because they've had four years of President Trump, Hopefully for more The 2024. It's their president. Trump would like it many rubber Republican lawmakers. They support the president's idea of another term in 2024. Yeah, they got to fix a lot of things regarding how we vote before 2024 James is in bass drop. Good morning, James. Morning going right out. I don't want to share with you guys. I took a recent trip. Bass drop to the northeast corner of Texas all the way up to the Red River and Oklahoma border. And once we got about 30 minutes outside of bass crop We saw nobody literally 90% of the people in the stores that we went in, including grocery stores. We didn't see anybody wearing a mask and when confronting them about it. You know, asking them if they knew anybody that had the virus. You know, the responses were always know. So my point is, you know All that way and no mask out in the rural areas, and that's where we were. We weren't in any big cities. Just rural. It seems like the real concern here is the population centers that's producing all the virus. No, You're right. The outskirts. I mean, we're bringing all those patients in from those rule hospitals in tow. Travis County, Right, there's a there's a different mind set. The further you get away from the big cities in the mass situation gets very, very spotty. Absolutely soon issue across the Travis County line, there's no doubt about it. Hey, jump in here. 51283605 90 Toll free 8775905525 Todd and Don show I was talking to my friend Wayne. He's the owner. One operator for furniture market. You have been in business for about 40 years, a great locally owned business. And if you're looking for something unique, you know, kind of a statement. Piece, man. They just delivered a bunch of new product from their main warehouse to both of their showroom locations. South on I 35 between breaker and Grunberg Lane, but also at the shops in Leander. Kind of check out both places home. Affleck still para furniture and, oh, by the way, it is scientifically proven. It is a proven fact that flag still furniture is the most comfortable seat in the house. I carried it to put that to a test. You're gonna find some of the most amazing leather options in leather galleries in both locations and stacked to the brim with some rather unique items. Two and affordably unique, and I got something for every room in the house. Maybe you're tired of that old couch that dining room sets. Maybe you got kids moving back home and you need a kid or a teenager's bedroom set replaced. Go to furniture market. Bring a friend bring a truck because you're gonna find what you're looking for. South bound. I 35 between breaker and one Berg Lane at the shops and Leander and.

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