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I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Oh, very good. Jared. Welcome back to the grace. Curly Show if you miss the breaking news of the day. It's right in my wheelhouse because it's celebrity news. Bruce Springsteen, the boss had a D wi in November. It did not come out till after that. Memorable ad he did with Jeep where he talked like this. It was a little secret knows the middle has been a hard place to get to lately between red and blue between servant and citizen between our freedom. And our fear someone tweeted it and said he was trying Tomo, you know, pay tribute to Kevin Costner's performance in Yellowstone like that, usually That goes in the voice. Um, but, yeah, So that's big news. Everyone's talking about it. A lot of people on Twitter are kind of enjoying the fact that this woke preachy liberal. As a little bit of Ah Mud on the tires. Russ, You're next with Grace and the Grace curly show. Go ahead, Russ. Grace. Let's face it. This has been a great opportunity from government control. Freights toe lead people around like dogs on the leash, and it just amazes me how people cannot think for themselves. This two words to keep in your mind to survive anything. As far as germs are concerned, it's called germs. Avoidance. You don't have to listen to anyone from the government. Just do everything you can to avoid germs in no, They don't want to let this go, and unfortunately, there are Massachusetts. Charlie Baker has a 70% approval rating in Russian. If you remember during the ticket us. He had an approval rating of 84%. Okay, Now there's only 70% of the people in the still brainwashed or the Charlie Baker. Charlie Baker. Is there nothing like give us a shaft. In these participated in ruining a lot of small businesses that may never recover, and the other thing is many of those business had entry level jobs. An entry level job so important for young people to learn the word that which will which will carry him through the rest of their lives, and they become productive citizens. Yeah, no. And Russ, I totally agree. I'm kind of amazed, and I've seen this point made several times, most recently by Carol Markowitz from The New York Post. She said something along the lines of, you know. She was surprised. He always thought New Yorkers had a real spirit about them, and they weren't I mean, you know, New Yorkers. They don't like to be told what to do. And it's just It's amazing how easily people were. And Jared used to make this point all the time that they'll never forget how easily we folded. Yep, the minute you give them anything, they will just take a mile of it, and this is in the back of their to say, okay? We did this for a virus with the 99% like, what can we do this time? What can we what can we throw at him this time? No eggs. Exactly. And now this impeachment, this entire impeachment thing just shows you that they're not really that concerned about this virus that they've ruined everything for You know, they've shut down your business. Your kid can't go to school. Your kids depressed. You haven't been to a restaurant. All the restaurants are shutting down. And guess what. It was the biggest deal. It was the biggest crisis of all time until impeachment. And now all the.

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