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It was what is the meaning of this let's add he seemed like he was just like a little bit tiny nervous but all my gosh you get done you would like to support to how quickly she disappeared during like mysteries I do like yeah a lot of mysteries and because of the time here yeah right in the cast it's it's a really interesting different kind of a mystery was very very grateful even though I talked him off the air and he was just so nice well you know what I know thank you know I mean I mean it is our one thing that we can always be proud of we cannot always be part of except I'm I'm sad I didn't get a chance you'll you'll like I know it would be a book you would read at the cabin we yeah because it's not that you know it's not like a five hundred page no not that one of those right it is his family dynamic thing I want to ask mommy siblings he had because he was what he says he does right very poignantly too if you're a twin yeah then you were to read this book I mean even the way he describes you know even you know like any siblings you know there can be that bad twins they always talk about the psychic connection that yeah yes and identical twins whether it's identical are not identical that there is like yeah I mean you were in the womb together I mean there's this whole booth thing around about it in that very much is like part of this book and then the mystery man yes who arrived right was not harmed okay that's how I would speak good to do this are you say your name Erica Erica calves yeah and that is spelled Erica Erica Erica Erica with always you as you're here in age she was a really like for a hot thing like a major music superstar with just you know we always one of our songs or anything yeah but I know she has when she was she burst on the scene like Macy gray or number of singers who like come on strong was one great album and then they and then they disappear well me our whatever their market is too small they don't get promoted a rash so she is decided yeah she's looked over at Gwinnett I think and he's gotten online Sir called the do world market and she's going to be selling something called the dues what college Kitty because there's an urban legend that ms been dues Kinney changes men's it did the man she falls in love as far as she changes lives so she's making an incense that smells like her Kitty sorry if this is it yeah ending number two lots of fears of my panties cut them into little pieces burn them and that's all part of the incense when the interviewer asked to do who is the magazine had noted she'd stopped we're anything down there while back as she felt a personal connection she said yeah man yes okay while I can't find your world store because I'm the traits we feel bad that day I mean the judge did she's having to sell in sense and tell this nonsensical story that seems like it should be you know I don't know like she didn't need to go into that much detail that now I'm saying well I'm saying she could to stop she had me at urban legend that changes map yeah I did not yells it's about Erica but do changing jobs in a change their lives yeah I mean this is the kind of legend right measures didn't exploring when you get to the par rate cut up and then you know kind of pennies then I'm just like now you're telling me too many details now I'm like man I don't wanna know this much there's actually your and I'm not that bad so they get better story so anyway there you go that's what that's what she's doing that's what she's doing all right Kay now Matthew Perry who is so not famous at Instagram no one saved his name and he has to have a really lame I'm like I'm ram handle so lame what is it M. mob Peary for some like he's the manager isn't like Maddie Perry for yeah it's just a it's just lame it's lame because all these other famous people the save the names now and they wait but what are you here he has a million followers yes I'm not seeing that I'm just saying that you like that's in the celebrity pecking order you know you're not famous when they don't save your name what is even hosted okay I'm just going to tell you I went to Maddie Perry for yeah in his file by Jennifer Aniston Chris make billions that his handle yes yes please yes No posts yet Ruben it's done just saying lame lame right in the same because there is a Matthew Perry hi because Laurie they don't get hot what is someone going to be at the head of Instagram and say said that's what happened with everybody else I think those other people had marketing people save them you don't Julia look into that smell so we've got a million followers and he hasn't posted it doesn't matter if it's if it's official verify yeah he's going to have a TV show is gonna announce something because he needs to do something because the last image we have of Matthew Perry's him his job clean around with dirty long fingernails and a grizzly sweater and an image of him just living up in his condo very isolated it's not what we wanted for Chandler being no envision this Chandler being kind of you know very you Howard Hughes well do you want to know maybe he's done this because of Ross Matthews we all remember rock us he says that when he Matt Matt leblanc and Matthew Perry they were rude well yeah I know that doesn't surprise me Ross is got to be use that I hope he has a chapter that the knowledge is that half of his stories could be the result of his annoying voice okay last yes he did he get it very annoying voice and maybe a personality and so he should have he should have a funny disclaimer at the beginning of this book keep in mind any of these people could have been a I had that would be what I would do if I were him okay this is really pathetic about what he's the last member of the friends cast to join Instagram is does is that it well that he doesn't post anything he yeah Julia he's dealing with the humiliation that he's Matthew Perry thirty four seventy two whatever the hell for but still okay everybody else said their names okay he I bet Instagram saves all but yeah it is somebody that was this young newly hired when the test started grabbing all the names yeah the thought engrams daily was Chandler being that's right and environment the very I would just be Chandler being and that would be my affair as the Chandler Bing unofficial friends Chandler bring people have jam I bring Laurie averaged he could he could have the Chandler vendors are paying his fan page yeah now I'm just saying that if I remanded that's what I'll be doing a night light says share with our listeners who don't know a little bit of Ross Matthews voice yeah okay.

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