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Everybody. Tom woods here very glad to be joined today by actor actor producer screenwriter and comedian vince vaughn and i'm sure many of you know that he was a supporter of ron paul so when he contacted me not too long ago i said well by the way while we're at it here about coming on my show that is exactly what is going on. I asked my supporting listeners group. What should i ask vince vaughn and that's where i i am drawing the questions from so supporting listeners dot com is where you need to go to get into the tom would show elite so you can be part of stuff like this all solicit questions very often in situations situations like this vince vaughn has been in you know something like eight hundred million movies gene epsteins favourite is swingers. <hes> also the lost world jurassic park. That's from awhile ago more recently. Hacksaw ridge is one. That's a big favourite among my listeners but a great many he's got just an enormous body of work and i'm delighted to welcome to to the show vince thanks for being here. Welcome great could be here all right. I got a bunch of questions that <hes> i. I have a private facebook group and i just said to people i have you come in on. They're all going berserk dynastic things so i'm going to defer to them and ask the kind of questions they want to know about now. First of all you gotta know on a podcast like this that this question is coming. How how do you describe yourself politically well. I guess i could describe i so more of a constitution. That's you know a libertarian <hes> and i definitely believe in ethical principles and being consistent with them. You know applying them both across the board whether it's through out domestically or foreign now of course i know that you supported ron paul at least in the two thousand twelve campaign fact. I saw you at his house once. How did that come about. How did you get interested. Did you find out go through the debates the way most people did you know i learned about wrong a little before that and i was really blown away when i learned that the federal serves originally was sort of my largest entry point that it was private and that the government at large had no kind of oversight over and that really led me in in historical you know learning about how you know i was turned over fifty ours confiscation of gold and mixed and taking off the gold standard and it it was really mind blowing to discover these things and then i wonder you know the internet was so helpful because otherwise you would have had to go to a library and research things and just just kind of in the day and then i sold it wrong was really the one that <hes> kind of awoke me to that so i i sort of shorted following in hammond listening to him and then i reached out and and call him and it's just really sort of impressed by his way of speaking and all the things that he was <hes> talking about. We're concerned that was sort of the <hes> started my journey and i was thrilled when he was in a debate. You know if you look at even the pot on today how much he really you know change. The course of the year was debating and they were asking him that that was what conservatives and now it feels like the a lot other things that he was saying that is sort of more mainstream conservative you as well certainly the war issue. Now is not toxic anymore for republicans conservatives to say that at the very least they're skeptical of any more wars and i think he really blazed the trail on that issue in particular in addition to the fen. It's really interesting i because well said and and it's interesting to think that someone would be conservative. Minded would have been more pro war. He said a great wellness baits. He said conservatives had a long history of getting out of sources of you're right. That's something that's now. You know thankfully more mainstream. I at the second thing that is just have to expect that it's going to be coming is the political opinions you have our. Let's say not the majority in your industry. Let's put it that way so what's that like for you. You know it's interesting because as a kid younger and i think a lot of this wage starts doing my field people bring up politics would come up and you'd have a disagreement with the friend and we would move off. Never chosen funds offered it in a lot of a lot of close friends who you know don't <hes> change my opinions on things i tried. Why do you know what i believe. I'm always open to you know hear. New information changed my mind but i don't really try to sacrifice my principles to do like the night i close friends have always remained my close friends and even if we have a disagreement on stuff <hes> it's never been an issue but you know for the most part. You know it's been fine. There have have been some articles and things that come out that are you know definitely trying to come after me based on my opinions <hes> i i definitely been been subject to that so i find more often than not <hes>. <hes> people like to engage in conversations. I find even a movie at the time moving moving talking about these principles and it's kind of fun you know it's it's usually well constructed in in good discourse but they'll come to me with us. The topic that really excited to talk about and feel like shirley government you know should have a stronger role and then we'll kind of talk about it and you know on occasion. People were kind absurd like that and and adopt those principles at other times of say well that sounds good you know that the normal response but i find that a lot of times i find myself itself and good conversations with people actually excited and and curious about you know concepts and and you know they sort of start exploring and talking about things well i can see say as somebody on the outside that the impression we get of hollywood is that it's monolithic and intolerant of opposition and so my question would be do you. I think there are other people who might have used like yours. We've just they just want to do their work. They've really just don't want to stick their necks out and involved in a political conversation. They'd rather just work the court controversy. Yes i think that's true. You know i am originally tried to avoi- <hes> just because of the entertainer i and feel a calling to go out and sort of you know. I don't think anyone likes getting the list price from from anybody but the was a knowledge i think that i was not on stop and so there was always a persistent by and stuff to try to get into these conversations and i was always honest within eventually sort of you know talk about how by my principals or having thoughts about things but never have felt a big thing to go out constantly. I definitely you know is really the only candidate. I think i've ever endorse you know <hes> probably because i was most really <hes> in agreeance with him on stuff that i find inconsistencies china's yes yes. There's groups that are really just sort of there are people that are that are definitely <hes> you know not open to thought and they feel is based on your book. I think is very good politically incorrect. I do a american history and so much is what you say is right that they're they're working on the senate gibbons of socks that aren't necessarily assertively actress and so they sort of see themselves as fighting against something and in actuality and in some cases. They may not have all the information asia. You don't sound like but i'm i have to ask anyway have you. Have you personally ever had political ambitions i haven't i i've always been very interested in history mystery in politics but i never really had an interest in myself to to throw my hat in the ring or be involved that always been interested in the area and really i think the starting cornerback i'm curious. Also this is another question that my folks were asking. If you have any opinions unions on unions in your industry like the screen actors guild you have any experience with those and do you feel like they're helpful or what. Can you tell us about them. Well you know they're on the side that ultimately. I think that the union's probably not as constructive. <hes> you know like you said you have a bunch of well-intended people <hes> i could you you know they friedman said why do gooders and then you have the special interests that people who stand to gain from that so you know i think ultimately i would. I'm not a union in person <hes> i. I don't know that <hes> the policies are actualising boy. That's <hes> you know. People feel very much so here or that. In a lot of industries that the unions are actually sort of crusaders and sort of help and much more of a believer in free markets and you know i even minimum wage or something. That's concerned that you know i find it interesting that politicians or people in entertainment industry <hes> we'll have in terms and yet you know there. There's a price fixing of a wage where someone else who might be an experienced or or <hes> new to the workforce is not given the same ability to value opportunity more than the price so i feel that you know the unintended consequences and the casualties are usually greater than the outcome not to mention the consolidation allen who who runs these things and you know. What are these tensions. There's just a lot of the media seems to a lot of stop in comes to investigative. I've had people curious about in your career now leaving politics society. Is there a role that either your especially fond of or where you yourself really identified with the character it. It didn't seem like this character was a million and miles away from the real vince vaughn well. I think i think that being an actor i think i've said this before i think we all have lots of sides to ourselves and a lot of times times especially when younger you get comfortable presenting one thing because you feel safe the senate or the athlete or the academic or you know whatever the one the role is that you feel most safe but reality is you have different sides theirself and sometimes things get shut down and don't feel confident in that area and the fun thing assuming actor. I think that you can draw on different aspects of yourself for an triple forefront and imagination. There's you know a great great gifts so i wouldn't say that there's a character. That's exactly like me i can. They're all different parts of yourself. <hes> different sides yourself. It's kind of fun to explore. That's very well said i'm about this. Is there a particular project. You've been involved in that. You are especially proud of above all others why it's hard to yeah i've been fortunate you know <hes> recently. I've i've done. I've worked with <hes> liked. All all ninety nine and drives cost concrete which i enjoyed working with pam and hacksaw ridge. I is recent that i really but you know a lot of comedies like wedding crashers and old school and dodgeball cafod john and then you know starting off the swingers and more of those independent nate movies that i did great so you know i i. I've been fortunate and i've enjoyed them. I'm all wind doing really sort of look more forward than i do. Kinda look too much and i think that's true a lot of the musical groups. I listened to a really old and everybody wants them to just keep revisiting the songs from thirty years ago and that much fun for them they've right. You want to look look ahead to what's still to come now. You mentioned hacksaw ridge comic- comics classes that because it's a fan it's out of control for other people love eaten deep enough stand up for beaten. You gotta come up with new. Our material would pay your same out. It's brutal yeah. I mean i've sometimes thought about like pink floyd for example i mean they're they're key albums stretch from dark side of the moon to final cut and that's basically <hes> one two three four five albums so oh and okay one of them's a double album so maybe we're talking about it most seven hours of music and they have made a fortunate playing that over and over no it's what what a country that's unbelievable right but on on the question of hacksaw ridge did that movie affect you in any way like on on war or conscientious objection really de eh you know <hes> i thought interesting subject for you know years of war movie with <hes> with the person that that was <hes> making a decision decision not to carry but that in and i never i was unaware of desmond awesome life in the first <hes> league of that screenplay but i found it very moving then he had these convictions and principles and a faith that was so strong than you really feel you had a calling to go insane people and that faculty could be chosen safety and then he goes well <hes> but refused to to kill i just found to be really interesting <hes> and and that was an interesting film to make obviously medals from minnesota maker very played high and <hes> i just you know being exposed to that story and learning thing about him and sort of what he went through i need the truth is life was far greater than the hollywood movie which is not always the case but that was one of many battles..

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